Horde 4 has been released! And the new website published!
Horde 4 Is Here!
Horde 4 was released amidst a flurry of activity on April 5th, announced with the arrival of a redesigned  Horde.org -- two very active months have passed in Horde land since the last newsletter. The reason for the missing "monthly" letter from April is given at the bottom of todays mailing.

Horde 4 was released on our announced schedule, which marks a significant shift from years of releasing "when its done." The main driving force behind this was without a doubt Jan Schneider, who received the internal nickname "Hero of the Horde 4 release". With the timing for this release meeting our goal so exactly, yes we are confident that the Horde community can rely on the twice-yearly release cycle recently announced. But, of course, there will be regularly released bug fix versions even before the next major update scheduled for October 4th, 2011. Most applications already have seen one or two updates, thanks to feedback from the community. You can track these released by following our "announce" mailing list or the RSS feed from our PEAR server.

Released in sync with Horde 4, our website has been redesigned to a more modern style. It should provide information in more useful and accessible way and also provide contact information for the newly formed Horde LLC. More on this exciting development in the next newsletter.

What is next on the developers agenda? On April 5th we released the core set of Horde applications for Horde 4, but there remain other popular applications that need to be ported to Horde 4. Updates are planned for:
  • Groupware and Webmail bundles. Both are already available as release candidates.
  • "Gollem" - the file management tool
  • "Ansel" - the gallery tool
  • "Passwd" - which allows users to change their password
  • Kolab support in Horde 4 should be available very soon as well
Also on our radar are updates for the Wiki, Time Tracking and Ticketing System, applications that the Horde Project uses internally and see much use in the larger community.

Horde Local

The Horde project was present at the these conferences and gatherings ...

Gunnar Wrobel from the Horde Project was presenting a talk (in german) at CeBIT on the 2nd of March.

The Horde Project presented their latest applications with a booth and a talk on LinuxTag, Berlin, from May 11th to 14th. In case you missed us there you can download the slides of the talk on "The Horde 4 PHP framework" here. A Radio Tux interview with Jan Schneider should also be available soon.


Planet Horde

Some highlighted posts from Planet Horde ...

Chuck Hagenbuch explains how Horde 4 identifies link URLs.
Jan Schneider details the new release model of Horde 4.
Michael Rubinsky presents his code task list for the time after the Horde 4 release.
Michael Rubinsky describes how you can code your own Horde 4 portal block.

Horde Code

An overview of significant Code changes since the last newletter...

For this newsletter it will not be possible to compile an overview of the code changes as the 2000 commits in March and April would just be too much to summarize.

Horde Buzz

A summary of past community feedback ...

Horde ver. 4 is nearing completion
Open Source Groupware Horde reaches version 4
Horde 4 mit vielen Top Features (German)
Horde 4 - A new version of PHP-framework and groupware-applications

Horde Personal

Beyond coding ...

In April Gunnar Wrobel became father again ... so one of the Horde Newsletter editors was missing which led to a short gap in the Horde information flow to your inbox.

Next newsletter

The next newsletter is planned for June, 14th 2011
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