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The Nip of Winter, The Bite of Reality

Healing Heart Fine Art Print - Rochelle Carr

I don’t think we ever solve the larger issues of our lives – nor do I think that is our task on this earth.  The most valuable work we do – opening the heart, celebrating the present with our devoted attention to it, expressing our love in action, answering the world as it summons our help – none of this valuable work actually solves anything, really.  What it does, rather, is to heal our disconnections – our scar tissue against feeling the world – in order that our entire being might attune to its living mystery; for that attunement, when it happens, nourishes both being and world.  Reality tends to bite when we least expect it, and scar tissue can build up – but the heartaches that ensue are at the same time revelations of our deepest loves: our love of life; our love of shared moments with others; our love of the sky and the green, green earth.  Love is what makes heartache possible; heartache in its way is a resounding and unforgettable affirmation of our love.


I’ve been crazily busy, lately – and in the midst of it all, slightly tipsy with blessings.  I had a truly wonderful experience presenting at the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference in mid-October, and am preparing for some upcoming events I’d like to share.

Kitchener talk and workshop
This coming Sunday I will be at a church in Kitchener, Ontario, giving a talk and a short workshop.  The church is called Unity Kitchener, and I love its vision, practice, values and principles, its loving outreach, and I feel honored to be joining them.  You can find out more about the church at

Toronto workshop
My last workshop of 2012 is coming up in Toronto on the weekend of November 24-25 – and there is an “early-bird special” in place for another three days until Friday November 9 that brings the weekend price down to $160.  I’m excited about this one, because I’ve been teaching classes on a bi-weekly basis for eight months, and the self-imposed discipline of building every class around a theme, supported by new approaches and exercises, has nudged me into some new and very fertile territory.  So this workshop will reap all of that, and I expect it to offer participants a unique opportunity to journey out of the repetitive, calculating, fretful constrictions of the head, and into a place of peace in the expansive genius of the body – which knows so much more than reason could ever compass.  The workshop runs from 10am to 5pm each day, and after this Friday reverts to the regular price of $180.  For more information, or to register, go to

On December 17 I will be a featured guest on, which is tapping into the potential of the web in a very powerful way.  Planetunite has created a web-based meditation platform that anyone can join at no cost.  And there is no question in my experience that any meditation is heightened (and deepened) when you are joined in it by others.  So Planetunite has created a series of meditations led by remarkable practitioners from the fields of healing, spirituality and consciousness.  Their goal is to unite a million people in this extraordinary initiative, helping to fuel a global shift in consciousness.  The series is up and running, and you can find out more and join in for free by going to  If you do so, they offer a downloadable bonus as a gift.  There is also a membership option that gives you access to a range of archived meditations, courses and other good stuff.  I hope you’ll check it out.

Finally, I’ve been invited to a couple of conferences in the new year to give a keynote lecture and a workshop at each.  One is at the Wanderlust Festival in Indiana, and the other is at the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Montreal.  I’ll include more info about these as it becomes available.


In the meantime, all the best, as the air gets nippier, and the blessings abound,




Upcoming Events

November 11 Unity Kitchener Talk and workshop

• November 25 & 26  Weekend Workshop - at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts. Register early to save 10%!

December 17 Planet Unite meditation

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