UV e-News April 2016

UV e-News

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GENOMER* 4247 is a 2-functional aliphatic urethane methacrylate for radically curable clear or pigmented coatings. GENOMER* 4247 provides films with exceptional hardness and good mechanical properties.
  • high hardness
  • high scratch and abrasion resistance
  • highest transparency and clarity
  • high gloss
  • low yellowing
  • low viscosity

GENOMER* 7302 is a mercaptan-modified polyether acrylate. Formulations containing GENOMER* 7302 can be readily cured with UV LED, UVA or low energy UV lamps. GENOMER* 7302 reduces oxygen inhibition of the free radical curing process and improves surface cure without increasing odor. GENOMER* 7302 is typically used in proportions from 10-40% and in combination with urethane acrylates, polyester or epoxy acrylates and acrylate monomers.
  • UV LED, UVA Coatings
  • Low oxygen inhibition
  • Enhanced surface cure

Please contact your local RAHN-Sales representative for further information of both products.