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Wisconsin Broadband Updates

New Resource: Broadband Policy Examples (revised edition) 
The Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center is excited to announce the publication of the Broadband Policies & Regulations guide, an updated and expanded guide for Wisconsin stakeholders navigating the complex legal and regulatory environments surrounding location broadband access and adoption. Each community faces its own challenges and brings unique strengths to community broadband-building efforts. The policy generalizations and case studies included are offered simply as samples to assist with understanding the issues that have been considered by others. They are a starting point for local discussions. Find the document online or download the complete PDF here.

UW Extension broadband bootcamp Crawford County participantsSouthwest Region Broadband Boot Camp

Do you live near the southwest region? Are you a UW-Extension educator or community stakeholder interested in our one-day intensive program designed to provide hands-on learning to help advance broadband access and adoption in your communities? Save the date for Wednesday, October 14, for our southwest area Broadband Bootcamp! You can read about the impact of our last bootcamp here, or contact Mary Kluz at our Center for further information. 

Articles: Wisconsin
"The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin has awarded $4,323 to the Rural Health Initiative to boost innovative health services to area farmers and agribusinesses in Marathon County." Find out more about the impact of these funds here

Articles: National
“The availability of speedy Internet service is starting to affect Americans’ biggest purchase: their homes,” according to this article in the Wall Street Journal.  A 2014 study conducted by UW-Whitewater showed that internet connection can add value to one's home, with more recent studies confirming these results. Find out more by visiting our case studies page.

“People don’t demand new energy solutions, businesses create the demand for them. Steve Jobs wasn’t the first entrepreneur to figure out that companies don’t wait for customers to demand new products. Instead, companies create innovative new products like iPhones and computers, and they then create consumer demand for the new technologies. It happened with coal, and it happened with electricity.” The same is true of broadband today. This article highlights lessons of past adoption for future technologies. 

Did you feel like websites started loading faster this year? That's because they were. A web traffic report from earlier this year indicated higher internet speeds. Check out highlights of the report here.  

Would you like to receive medical alerts via smartphone? According to a recent survey, over 40% of Americans are interested in this proposal. Find out more

Ohio is now the first state with 1GB wireless broadband access available to the entire state. How fast is 1GB? 

"The FCC's Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau has sought input on the FCC's decision to temporarily exempt smaller ISP's from enhanced transparency reporting requirements under new open Internet rules." Read more about this request for comment here

The FCC received its first net neutrality complaint and now must make a decision on how to react. This decision will most likely set precedent for future net neutrality complaints. Find out more.  

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler recently spoke about the importance and success of the National Broadband Plan. How important is broadband?

"Whether or not broadband becomes a municipal service on a nationwide scale remains to be seen, but regardless of who provides it, it looks like low-cost, high-speed broadband services are on their way to becoming the standard." Tell me more

The FCC is working on smoothing the transition from copper-wire networks to fiber. What's next?

Articles: International
"The EC says that 4G mobile broadband is now available to 79.4 percent of households, up from 27 percent two years ago." What does this mean? 
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