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After 27 years of service with UW-Extension, Maria Alvarez Stroud has resigned from her position as Director of the Broadband and E-Commerce Education Center. Maria’s career with UW-Extension spanned positions with Wisconsin Public Television, the National Center for Media Engagement, UW-Extension’s Division of Business and Entrepreneurship, and most recently with Cooperative Extension. Maria has provided important leadership to UW-Extension’s broadband education programming and her contributions leave an important legacy.
Greg Wise will step in to serve as Director of the Broadband and E-commerce Education Center along with his current leadership role. Broadband is one of today’s most important community development issues. Better connecting the work of the Broadband and E-commerce Education Center with the work of the Center for Community and Economic Development offers many exciting opportunities to align these efforts even more. A final determination about how to align the two Centers will come when the nEXT Gen recommendations are made for UW-Extension as a whole.
The Broadband and E-Commerce Education Center began its work in 2010 to address broadband access, adoption and utilization issues in Wisconsin with two federal stimulus (ARRA) grants. With broadband now an issue that is actively being addressed at many levels of the state, the Center’s current efforts are focused on broadband adoption and utilization in rural Wisconsin. Its mission is to assist local stakeholders in implementing strategies to attract broadband investments, and to work with communities on broadband adoption and utilization.  The team of Gail Huycke, Mary Kluz and Jennifer Smith provide outstanding support to those objectives. 



National News/Events

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  • Broadband is Different Market in Urban than Rural MarketsA recent report from the FCC indicates that cable is the dominant broadband in urban areas and DSL is dominant in rural areas. Optimistic predictions for wireless technologies, such as 5G, say faster speeds may be available as early as 2020 in urban areas but with increased cost and limited reach, 5G will not be a major player in rural areas. via Blandin Foundation 
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