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Q&A Teleconference

The  Broadband E-Commerce & Education Center will be hosting a Q&A teleconference with representatives from the USDA and the PSC on August 28, 10-11AM. Please join us as these representatives discuss the programs and answer basic questions about the USDA broadband loans and PSC Broadband Expansion grants now available. Both of these funding opportunities have a very quick turnaround time, and both are expected to be offered again in the near future. 
Please register for this free program today!

New: PSC-W Broadband Expansion Grants 

Governor Walker announced that the state is now accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2016 Broadband Expansion Grants.  Applications are due by Wednesday, September 30, 2015, at 4:00 pm Central Time.  

Find the full text  of the PSC-W release on these grants here
Application instructions can be found here.

Clarifying questions regarding the application process or content should be addressed to the State Broadband Office no later than September 16, 2015.

LinkWISCONSIN maps now include the following Previous Grant Recipient Maps and Expansion Grant Eligible areas. The state is “blue” with eligible areas that can apply for grants.


Wisconsin Rural Partners: Small Town Forums 

Wisconsin’s small towns have unique issues and needs that are often very different from those of larger communities. The 2015 Small Town Forums will bring together those serving and working in and with communities of populations fewer than 1,500, to learn from each other through case studies, roundtables and discussion groups. The dates are:
  • August 25 Elroy (Juneau County)
  • August 26 Green Lake (Green Lake County)
  • September 8 Mercer (Iron County)
  • September 9 Hammond (St. Croix County)
People involved in business, government, education, and civic issues are encouraged to attend. Register here

Articles: Wisconsin
"A recent five county survey that included Lincoln County indicated that part-time residents would stay on average 37 more days in their second homes if provided faster, more reliable Internet service." Find out what UW-Extension is doing to improve broadband in rural Wisconsin

Articles: National
Earlier this month, the Senate announced a bill that would allow nursing facilities in rural areas to apply for healthcare broadband funding. Read more here

At their early August meeting, the FCC decided to allow unlicensed devices to use spectrum previously reserved for healthcare devices. What exactly does this mean?

Meanwhile, the FCC also made decisions regarding the 2016 spectrum sale. More about the sale and bidding procedures can be found here

"One new rule approved...'for the first time requires providers to directly notify retail customers—including consumers and businesses—of plans to retire copper networks at least three months in advance,' the FCC said." The FCC encourages the transition from copper networks to fiber, as long as consumers are informed. Read more here.

Traditional farming has progressed throughout time, and the possibility of high tech help like drones is revolutionizing the industry. What is the future of the farm?

Additive manufacturing developments will change the way products are designed, made, bought, and delivered. Find out more.

"City governments are a lot like businesses. Their customers are their citizens, their product is their town, and their competition is just down the road." See the creative ways cities are using the internet to create a community.

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