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Issue 10, March 2015
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Welcome to the Quarterly Mobile Mail for 2015

In our newsletter we endeavour to provide the reader with valuable information regarding our services, projects that we are undertaking, and changes in the industrial landscape that may affect your organisation.

Yarra Trams

As previously written about in our Mobile Mail editions, our involvement with the iconic W-Class Tram Restoration Project continues. We are currently half way through the upgrade to the third of these historic icons.
Each upgrade entails keeping the ‘shell’ of the tram as original as possible, mimicking its past glory days as early as the 1930s, whilst concealing many modern automation safety features and functions to these vehicles, which are hidden away to the public.
The aim was to exercise the feel of a modern tram with its smooth drive system as well as the sentimental touch these historic trams possess.
As well as shaping the W-Class trams, Mobile Automations involvement with Yarra Trams has not stopped there, we are also assisting other trams in regards to any AutoCAD requirements they may have.

Mobile Automation has developed a strong relationship with Yarra trams, and is proud to be involved with this historic project.


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Adbri Masonry

Over the Christmas period, Adbri in Campbellfield carried out a major upgrade to their cubing plant. Essentially the existing cuber machine was removed, and a new modern machine was installed. Mobile Electrics was there to assist with the disconnection, reconnection, and testing of the equipment upon completion.

Nissan Casting

Over the Christmas break Mobile Automation successfully completed complex safety upgrades and other automation works on the extruder/robotics systems at their Dandenong South facility.
In regards to the safety upgrades, Mobile Automation carried out upgrades to the machine safety systems, to comply with the latest regulations and Nissans safety requirements.
In relation to the automation works conducted at the Nissan plant, Mobile Automation provided all the wiring works for new ‘pick and place’ robots being installed. We also assisted Korean engineers with upgrades to two injection machine shot control servo systems.
Mobile Automation worked hard to ensure the upgrades were carried out within the client’s time frame, and ensured all of their equipment and robotics were up and running in time for the start of production for 2015.

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Viridian Glass

Currently Mobile Electrics is working with Viridian Glass completing a series of projects to improve operation at their Dandenong South facility. Mobile Electrics are pleased to be involved with such a prestigious organisation, and look forward to ongoing participation.

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Baxter Pharmaceuticals 

The Mobile Automation team were recently commissioned to implement program improvements for Baxter Pharmaceuticals  processing plant in Boronia. After completion the system was tested extensively to ensure the product quality was maintained to Baxter’s exacting specifications.

Baxters management were very pleased with the outcome, and the plant operators now have a more streamlined process to follow. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In this issue we..
  • Introduce our new section 'Quarterly Snapshots', giving you a glimpse of ongoing and upcoming projects 
  • Update you on our continued partnership with Yarra Trams and the iconic 'W-Class Trams'
  • Illustrate the major upgrade we carried out over the Christmas break at Abdri Masonry
  • Detail our involvement with Nissan Casting over the Christmas break 
  • Bring forward our collaboration with Viridian Glass
  • Describe the work our Automation team completed at the Baxter Pharmaceuticals plant in Boronia

Quarterly Snapshots 

Ego Pharmaceuticals
The Automation division have secured a 12-month contract to support Ego Pharmaceuticals manufacturing operations in Braeside.

Brickwood Holdings
Mobile Automation are providing high tech automation support for Brickwood Holdings in Cheltenham. Brickwood manufacture a wide range of plastic products.



Mobile Automation are working closely with Cummins to design and commission a Coolant Manufacturing Plant in South Africa.  

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