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Issue 8, July 2014
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Welcome to the July issue of Mobile Mail for 2014

In our newsletter we endeavour to provide the reader with valuable information regarding our services, projects that we are undertaking, and changes in the industrial landscape that may affect your organisation.
Sub 161 Virtual Gas Pipeline 
Mobile Electrics were recently commissioned to assist in the development of a virtual gas pipeline in Western Australia, each of Mobiles three divisions were involved in this exciting project. 

The concept of this virtual pipeline is to replace the need for diesel fuel at remote mining sites throughout Western Australia, this is achieved by processing the gas through compression into compressed natural gas (CNG) at a mother station and then transporting via road to a daughter station where the gas is then liquified for final usage at the required site. The mother station is in located in Port Hedland, the daughter station can be relocated to wherever the gas is required. 

Firstly, we had to integrate systems supplied from both overseas suppliers and the local head contractor, this involved a great deal of electrical engineering and investigation to achieve final drawings, connection diagrams and cable schedules, this work involved our engineering team from Mobile Automation. 

After this design phase, SAR Controls undertook the construction of electrical components such as the main power switchboards and control panels for both the mother and daughter sites. These boards were built in record time to meet the stringent construction programme. 

Thirdly, Mobile Electrics installation team were called in to fit out the mother and daughter control rooms with the switchboards and control panels, this involved installing cable tray, cabling, etc as per the design drawings. This was also completed in quick time to meet deadlines. 


Power Factor Correction- What you can do to maximise savings
Power Factor is a measure of how efficiently your electrical power is being used. A low power factor can be costing your business thousands of dollars in wasted electricity. A higher power factor value generally indicates a more efficient electrical distribution system.
Improved power factor results in greater electrical efficiency, which in turn means less electricity is used from your supply. Are you looking at installing new machinery for your company but are at the limit of current electrical supply? By improving your power factor you can free up capacity within your supply, removing a need for other costly upgrades to your system. The cost of your electricity is reduced and the savings are passed directly to you.

If you have any queries on your Power Factor, give Mobile Automation a call on 03 9761 8500, alternatively, email us at
Electrical Upgrade to Air-Handling Units 
Mobile Electrics were recently commissioned to complete a project for A.E. Smith at both Century City Walk and Jam Factory Village Cinema complexes. This involved the electrical upgrade of all the air-handling units that provide fresh air to each cinema. 

To achieve this Mobile Electrics installed new control and power cabling throughout the complexes to all the air-handling units, we also installed a variable speed drive to each motor and upgraded the control system in each control board. Therefore achieving a more energy efficient alternative to climate control in the cinemas, as opposed to the unit reaching a certain temperature and switching off until the temperature was too hot or cold again. 

The challenge we faced was that the movie sessions could not in any way be comprised and that the public were not aware of our presence in any way. 

We are pleased to say that we met this requirement completed the project on time and within budget. 

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In this issue we..
  • Detail our involvement in the development of a virtual gas pipeline in Western Australia
  • Introduce Stuart Wallis, our new Business Development Manager
  • Outline the Electrical Upgrade of the air-handling units for Century City Walk and the Jam Factory Village Cinema complexes 
  • Discuss how Power Factor Correction can save you

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Mobile Electrics Pty Ltd

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Mobile Automation & SAR Controls are divisions of Mobile Electrics Pty. Ltd. 

Mobile Electrics are delighted to announce the new appointment of Stuart Wallis, our Business Development Manager. Stuart has been involved in the industrial automation, engineering and switchboard industry for many years and his transition to our Business Development Manager complements all divisions of our company. 

Stuart will be prospecting new customers and focusing on the the retention of our existing customers as well as representing our organisation on numerous occasions. Stuart is a vital member of our team and we are very pleased to welcome him aboard. 

Stuart can be contacted by email or call 0438 345 190

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