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Issue 6, November 2013
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Welcome to the sixth issue of Mobile Mail in 2013

In our newsletter we endeavour to provide the reader with valuable information regarding our services, projects that we are undertaking, and changes in the industrial landscape that may affect your organisation.

The Mobile Group of Companies are pleased to announce the acquisition of SAR Controls-  -a well respected Australian switchboard manufacturer.
The purchase of SAR Controls was seen as a natural evolution in Mobile’s expanding operations, and will complement our industry leading electrical and automation services, bringing new skill sets and experience to the company’s engineering structures.
SAR Controls have supplied systems for projects across Australia, providing a range of switchboards from top quality suppliers such as Elsteel, Techno & Cubic brands, or can manufacture a switchboard to suit client’s exacting requirements.

Listed below are just a few of SAR Controls completed projects:
·      Costco Melbourne
·      Aldi Distribution Warehouse, Dandenong
·      Kalangor Shopping Center, Brisbane
·      Geelong Hospital
·      DFO, Moorabbin
·      Star Track Express ,Sydney
·      Victoria University Sunshine Campus
·      Mernda Pumping Station, Melbourne
·      Masters Home Improvements, Melbourne
SAR Controls specialise in:
·        Electrical Switchboards
·        Power Distribution Switchboards
·        Onsite Switchboard Modifications
·        Mains Switchboards
·        Control Switchboards
·        Distribution Pillars
·        Power Factor Correction systems
·        Motor Control systems
·        Metering Switchboards

When you have a need for any of these products, give SAR Controls a call on 03 9761 9323 or email |
SAR Controls- now part of the Mobile Electrics group of companies but still the same outstanding quality and service that built their reputation.


Recently, with the assistance of Mobile Electrics, Cummins Filtration Australia installed 155 of the 165 W Aqualuma High Bay LED lights in its Kilsyth factory, replacing all the 400 W Metal Helide Lights and thus reducing its power usage. 
The selection of lights was made easy after spending 18 months finding an application that would meet or exceed our corporate requirements. 
The Aqualuma does both and performance of the lights has to be seen to be believed. The VEET Certificate rebate made the deal even sweeter. 
"Lights are too bright at night" is one of the comments received. "They do not attract moths" is another. 
The ability to switch on and off at a blink of an eye is also advantageous, especially coupled with a C-BUS system that is partially controlled via light sensors. 
The supplier of the lights was beyond helpful and he kept true to his word. The lights are fantastic and have made a remarkable difference in our plant. 
Coupled with the Electrical company in Mobile Electrics who both installed the lights and the C-Bus system (completed earlier) we are very happy with both suppliers and the speed in which this project was implemented and completed. 

Michel Renkema
Manufacturing Leader- Chemicals 
Cummins Filtration Australia


Water Treatment Plant at Bosch, Clayton

Mobile Electrics were recently awarded the contract to carry out an electrical and automation project at the Bosch facility in Clayton. The project required decommissioning their existing underground water treatment plant and to replicate the system above ground. This was required to minimise any potential contamination issues that may arise, due to having the system below ground. Prior to treated waste water being discharged, PH levels must be returned to a neutral condition. Incoming waste water PH levels are monitored and modified continuously by sophisticated automation equipment. By the controlled addition of neutralising fluids, a neutral PH level can be achieved. 

Mobile Electrics were commissioned to design and construct the control system, and carry out the installation of the new facility including level sensors, PH sensors, motors and process control units to provide a complete operating system. The project is in the final stages of installation, and should be completed and commissioned and ready for operation in the near future. This is an important part of Bosch's Clayton operations and Mobile Electrics are proud to be involved with an environmentally sustainable project.

In this issue ..
  • We announce our recent acquisition of SAR Controls, a well respected Australian Electrical Switchboard Manufacturer
  • Michel Renkema from Cummins Filtration Australia discusses the work Mobile Electrics completed through installing a c-bus system and Aqualuma high bay LED lights.
  • We detail the electrical and automation project we completed at the Bosch facility in Clayton, Victoria

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