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Issue 1 April 2013
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Welcome to the first issue of Mobile Mail for 2013

In our newsletter we endeavour to provide the reader with valuable information regarding our services, projects that we are undertaking, and changes in the industrial landscape that may affect your organisation.

In a previous issue we wrote about our involvement with Yarra Trams, to provide upgrades for their W-Class Restoration Project. These iconic trams were carrying passengers around the streets of Melbourne as early as the 1930’s

Now the first of what will be ultimately many of these historic  trams is ready to go, and will very shortly be accepting passengers for service use. We are proud to be a part of this government initiative in restoring these Melbourne Trams and keeping their heritage alive.

The undertaking was not without its constraints, as many of the heritage features were required to be kept.

An overriding objective was to add as many modern automated safety features and functions to the vehicles, yet be invisible to the public. This required some degree of ingenuity on our part, with control devices hidden in cavities previously home to thousands of wires. 

For the technically inclined- We provided a solution of a Siemens ET200S CPU and 3 remote I/O racks configured with media redundancy over the Profinet protocol. This configuration allows the removal or damage of one of the Profinet cables with a seamless changeover to the redundant network, which ensures the tram can continue to operate. Our system is controlling all the auxiliary services of the tram such as door and lighting control as well as the points change system. We also provided handshaking signals to the Trams critical safety systems.

Tram 946 has been recently commissioned and whilst all the hard work is hidden from the public’s view, the quality fit-out and the smooth drive systems will give passengers the ride quality of a modern tram with the nostalgia of the Heritage W Class. It is a privilege to be a part of this undertaking, and we can report that the next Tram is currently underway at Bendigo's historic Bendigo Tramways Facility and in the first stages of its transformation.

A skid mounted water purification plant is shown above

Mobile Electrics are thrilled to welcome Ultraspin Technology Pty. Ltd. as a valued client. Ultraspin Technology is based in Boronia, in the South Eastern Suburbs. Ultraspin is a highly regarded Engineering company, specialising in the design, and manufacture of high performance oily water separator systems.

Many of the biggest mining companies rely on Ultraspin equipment for purification of water for re-use in their operations. The systems are skid mounted to enable easy relocation, and flow rates vary from less than 1 Cu.M/hour to over 300 Cu.M/Hr. Being installed in  the harsh environments of mining sites, the equipment must adhere to very strict manufacturing specifications.

Mobile Electrics have been assisting Ultraspin for some time now to facilitate the design and installation of the electrical and automation component of their systems. Ultraspin’s Ivano Simonetto said ”Ultraspin are very pleased to utilise Mobile Electric’s for our electrical installations, their ”do it once, do it right”  attitude ensures we are able to meet our client’s strict specifications and deadlines with confidence.”

The Victorian Government are offering Grants of up to
$250,000 on a competitive basis to assist manufacturers to purchase and integrate new technologies!! 

Such grants aim to:
  • Improve business productivity and competitiveness
  • Strengthen capability; and
  • Encourage wider and ongoing innovation

For more information regarding these grants visit

Investing in Manufacturing Technology (IMT) is an initiative under the Victorian Government’s manufacturing strategy, A More Competitive Manufacturing Industry: New Directions for Industry Policy and Manufacturing.
Investments in new technologies provide a critical foundation for enhancing productivity and building a competitive edge. These investments can transform manufacturing businesses – from changing the way they design and produce products to how they acquire and use information, knowledge and resources.

Eligible project expenditure includes capital expenditure and other project-related non-capitalised expenditure                                                                                                                                                           

If you believe that you may be eligible for such grants, or are interested in our specialised personnel team assisting you with queries regarding the implementation of such technology, do not hesitate to contact Mobile Electrics on (03) 9761 8500 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you


In this issue we..
  • Discuss our involvement with the 'W' Class Tram's and describe how we integrated modern technology into these classic Melbourne icons
  • Acknowledge the newly available grants to boost manufacturers technology from the Victorian Government
  • Welcome Ultraspin Technology Pty. Ltd to our valued clientele base

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