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Issue 4, July 2013
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Welcome to the fourth issue of Mobile Mail in 2013

In our newsletter we endeavour to provide the reader with valuable information regarding our services, projects that we are undertaking, and changes in the industrial landscape that may affect your organisation.
Hazardous Zone Installation at Lion's National Foods Facility, Morewell 
Recently Mobile Electrics was commissioned to upgrade the Sugar Silo at Lion
’s National Foods facility in Morewell.  As the silo and surrounding area  were classified as a hazardous (Zone 21) installation, the objective of the project was to upgrade the existing electrical installation to comply with hazardous area location (zone 21) Australian Standards. This entailed relocating all the non-hazardous equipment to an area outside the zone, stripping out  the non-compliant components of the silo and the surrounding areathenrebuilding and installing new equipment to ensure theinstallation met the current combustible and conductive dust contamination hazardous zone working requirements. 

The Mobile Electrics team carried out this critical upgrade with minimal disruption to National Food’s production schedules. Mobile Electrics are well recognised as providing efficient, cost-effective works in all types of hazardous areas.

If you require assistance for your hazardous areas, give us a call, 9761 8500, or email us at and we will provide you with industry leading electrical and automation support.

Mobile Electrics recently completed an interesting project at Sibelco in Lilydale, we were asked to upgrade an old resistance motor starter and a 30 KW wound rotor motor which powered one of their Grit Classifiers.

These classifiers have extremely high starting torque requirements hence the use of the resistance starter, however these starters are very old and are hard to replace if a breakdown was to occur.

We replaced the old motor with a new mining spec 30 KW induction motor, and paired it with an Omron variable speed drive, after a short commissioning period which included early morning cold start up’s we determined an appropriate parameter setup which accelerated the motor to full operating speed with no mechanical or voltage stress.

We are looking forward to installing the same to the second Classifier in the near future.

*The above illustration is for demonstration purposes only 


The importance of a Certificate of Electrical Safety 

The Electricity Safety Act 1998 and Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 require a certificate to be issued for almost all electrical installation work. This includes addition, alteration, repair or maintenance of an electrical installation. Failure to comply with this is an offense that could result in penalties for the contractor, and may compromise your operations. 
As part of Mobile Electrics strict policies and procedures, all our electricians are required to provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety for any works requiring such certificates.
If you have had electrical work carried out by a contractor, and not been provided with a certificate, questions must be asked. Why?* Has the work been carried out to current Australian Standards?* This has ramifications not only for the electrical contractor concerned, but can possibly compromise your insurance cover. Is it worth the risk?
If you have a concern about whether you should have been given a certificate, please call us on 9761 8500 or email on ....
*Please note in some cases a certificate is not required.
In this issue we..
  • Outline the Hazardous zone work we completed for Lion's National Foods
  • Discuss the importance of a Certificate of Electrical Safety for electrical wiring work
  • Disclose our recently completed job at Sibelco, Lilydale where we were upgrading and installing a new motor controller 

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