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Issue 7, December 2013
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Welcome to the seventh issue of Mobile Mail for 2013

In our newsletter we endeavour to provide the reader with valuable information regarding our services, projects that we are undertaking, and changes in the industrial landscape that may affect your organisation.

Trim Saw Safety Upgrade
Upgrading of the tenon saw, (the system actually has 8 saw motors, 4 on each side of the job), was a technically complex project that required experience in converting systems from analogue/mechanical to solid state. The system previously had little in the way of safety controls with an outdated lanyard and an 'enclosure' you could step through. The upgrade included intrinsic, CAT 4 door locks and a waste discharge conveyor. A timing cycle was placed in the system to allow for motor 'run-down' time prior to entering the new enclosure.
Dowell's National Health and Safety Manager said "Mobile Electrics presented as a professional, well managed business, and completed the job on time and on budget. Over 2 years of operation has seen no service calls or reliability issues which, in a manufacturing environment, is critical to our plant efficiency.
The end result for us has been a vastly improved safety system that our operators are comfortable with, improved efficiency, and a robust, stable operating system."


Mobile Electrics was recently commissioned to complete an Ex rated hazardous zone project for one of Mondelez's (ex Kraft) Victorian facilities. Outcome of this project was to minimise the amount of waste produced through smart recycling procedures within the starch recovery process.

Installation of the hazardous equipment was carried out on Mogul's A, B and C which entailed the attachment of sieves capturing all redundant starch to be reutilised in the process. The arrangement of the sieves was used to distinguish between material that was waste, and that of which could be recycled.

The installation of Ex rated switchgear and associated components was integrated seamlessly with the existing PLC and HMI system.

An electrical inspection was performed prior to energising the system as required by Australian Standards for works in hazardous zones. 

In this issue we..
  • Introduce Paul Taylor, our new Automation Manager
  • Discuss the safety upgrade of the tenon saw at the Dowell complex
  • Explain how we completed an Ex rated hazardous zone project at Mondelez's facility in Victoria

Introducing Paul Taylor
The Mobile Group are pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Taylor to the Mobile Automation division as their new Automation Manager.
Paul has been involved with the  factory automation and engineering sector for over 35 years, in that time having accumulated valuable knowledge & understanding of the industry, and was seen as a key to the Automation division’s expansion strategy.
Paul will be involved with various roles including management of  the automation team, providing engineering design using Autocad software suites, PLC system design & implementation, Scada system integration as well as technical support for the workshop as required. 
Paul has the skills and technical acumen that will enhance and strengthen Mobile Automation’s industry leading client support. Paul can be contacted by email or call  0417 165 406

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