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The Family that Grows Together:

Celebrating the Spiritual Birth of Three Young Men into God's Family

By: Katie Reese

On April 6, the São Luis church family celebrated the spiritual birth of three young men. But the story of these triplets in faith began many months ago and would not have happened without the encouragement of God’s family at home and around the world.

In September of last year, two young men looked on as their peer, Mias, was baptized into Christ. The three young men were part of the infant church planted in our neighborhood of São Luís. That month, all three of them received a Bible from a brother or sister in the USA through the Bibles for Angolans program. Christians from half a world away in Colorado and Tennessee began praying specifically for these young men.

The church took these youth under their wing to encourage them. Mama Nanda, the church grandmother, made it her duty to be their grandmother, feeding them physically and spiritually. Mama Chinha prayed and exhorted them to stand firm. Danny held weekly Bible studies specifically for the youth and Robert began a breakfast mentoring session. Moíses, a mature Christian from Luanda, became part of the church family intentionally mentoring and encouraging the youth. Even a preacher from the far side of Angola came to spend a week with the young church and its youth, teaching them to evangelize. When the school year started, the church helped one of these youth, Gidi, with his clothing and books, being the family that he lacks.

These young men became an integral part of the church family, leading worship and prayers and visiting members and evangelizing.  Pedro even quit his job in order to continue to be a part of the congregation. Pedro and Gidi invited their friend Paulo to the weekly Bible studies and early morning prayer times and our numbers grew.

Pedro, Paulo, and Gidi talked about baptism for a long time, and two weeks ago Gidi said it was time to stop talking and set a date. So last Saturday 20 people piled into 2 cars and headed to a nearby lake for these three young men to become part of God’s family. There we celebrated with singing, Scripture reading, encouragement, eating, laughter, soccer, and frisbee – with all the camaraderie that comes from being a family.

We know that this celebration of growth in God’s family extends across the country, the world, and even to the angels in heaven. Amen!

Please lift up Gidi, Pedro, and Paulo in your prayers. "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." Ephesians 6:18 (NIV)
Robert teaching at the Global Missions Experience

Connecting YOU With What is Going on in Angola:

Focusing on International Relations  

By: Teague Meyer

How do we strengthen the bonds between the church in Angola and the church around the world? And how do we teach Angolans to take the gospel beyond their borders?

Early in the development of our team strategy, we established "International Relations" as one of our ministry focuses in order to help Angolans look beyond their borders and see the Kingdom of God as a whole. When we look back at 2012 and ahead to the end of 2013, we see that our team has given and will continue to give a considerable amount time to connecting the church in Angola to the Body of Christ around the world. This time is spent both traveling outside the country and investing ourselves in programs such as Bibles for Angolans and World Bible School.

Here are some of the ways we devote our energy to International Relations:

Home Assignment (a.k.a. "furlough"): When we travel back to the US, we dedicate ourselves to communicating what is being done in Angola and expressing gratitude for the support you show our team financially, emotionally, and prayerfully. We want you to know about the work. We want the bond between the church in Angola and the church in the US to be strengthened through your prayers and your participation in what God is doing in Angola.

The Reeses, the Meyers, and Jordan spent time in the US in 2012. We had opportunities to network in the name of global missions by sharing our experiences in Angola with students at Harding University and Harding School of Theology. The Meyers participated in the Global Missions Experience where Robert taught a class called "Ministry IS Missions" and where they interacted with missionaries past, present, and future - including two of our four summer 2013 interns!

We continue to keep in contact with our church family, Igreja de Cristo Lisboa (ICL), in Portugal. Both the Meyers and Jordan made it a priority to include a visit to ICL as a part of their home assignment in 2012. We also had the opportunity to rekindle relationships with friends from the Portuguese Bible Institute (PBI). We gave presentations at both ICL and PBI and continue to keep our Portuguese-speaking brothers and sisters informed about the work by translating this quarterly newsletter into Portuguese.

Bibles for Angolans: One of the purposes of the Bibles for Angolans program is to connect you personally to the work in Angola and to connect an Angolan personally to a Christian of another culture. To date over 114 bibles have been given, but we need to buy more Bibles. In May we will be traveling to encourage churches in other Angolan provinces. We need more donors to make a committment to pray for an Angolan believer by name with the $10 gift of a Bible, so that we can distribute bibles to believers in these provinces. For more information go to:

International Conferences: In the last newsletter, Robert wrote about representing Angola at the Africans Claiming Africa for Christ conference in Lusaka, Zambia in August 2012. One of our most meaningful encounters was with five Mozambican church leaders whom we met there.  In July 2012 several Angolan church leaders traveled to the World Convention in Goiana, Brazil and came back encouraged by the unity they saw among the churches represented there. It is our prayer that events like these will lead to deeper connections between Angola and Portuguese-speaking Christians around the world. 

Escola Bíblica Mundial: We are excited about World Bible School's recently launched website that targets Portuguese speaking students and teachers. If you speak Portugese, please take the time to look at the site and consider guiding a student (or many students) as they study God's word. Several members of our team interact regularly with students from Angola who are using the website to learn from God's word.

In 2013: In addition to continuing with Bibles for Angolans and Escola Bíblica Mundial, we will welcome four interns from Harding University for 8 weeks of hands-on missionary experience in Angola. We will attend the All-Africa missionary retreat in Vic Falls, Zimbabwe to fellowship with missionaries from all over Africa. Jordan and Nathan will travel to the US for home assignment. Please pray for these programs and events, that they would create strong bonds that cross borders and oceans to strengthen the global Kingdom of God.

The hospitality, encouragement, community, and serendipity that we have through Christ can be experienced wherever we go. It is proof that the Lord is at work around he world!

Angola Mission Team

The Angola Team:

Nathan Holland
Robert, Teague, Efesson, & Biruk Meyer

Danny, Katie, Eliana, & Sophia Reese

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Interns 2012

Click on the picture above to meet our 2013 summer interns!

From left to right: Lauren Hamilton, Kelsie McGuire, Aleece Overturf, and Zak Kelley received their visas in record time (praise God!) and will arrive in Angola on May 29th for an 8 week internship. We are excited and honored to have them work and learn alongside us in Angola. Please keep the four of them in your prayers as they make their final preparations for Angola and throughout the 8 weeks that they are with us. 

Pray for Us

Prayer Requests:

Pray for Robert as he travels in May with two Angolan church leaders to teach and encourage the church in Uíge Province.

Pray for Danny and Jordan as they travel to Moxíco Province in May to encourage the churches there and help launch a new church plant.

Pray for the church meeting in the São Luis neighborhood. Pray for the youth, men, and women stepping up to lead and serve in the church.

Pray for the four youth at São Luís who are starting intensive Bible training. Pray that the men will grow in their depth of understanding and love of God's word. Pray that they will use what they learn to benefit the whole congregation.

Pray for Simão and Samuel as they lead a fledgling church planting movement in Bié province.

Pray for the few in Lossambo who are serious about their faith, that God will provide for their continued growth.

Pray for the possibility of a downtown church plant, that God will provide the timing, the wisdom, and the workers.

Pray that we would be able to locate and purchase Bibles in the Umbundu language.

Pray for the Angolan people. That they would become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the Angolan Christians. That God would use them to reach the nation of Angola in a powerful way.

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