The June edition of NHW E-News is here! Inside: Lesson Three - More about Wood, Another Live Timber Framing Demonstration & a new picture of Mortise.
Timber Frame Porch

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Timber Frame Lesson Three: More About Wood

An aspiring timber framer must learn about the strength and characteristics of wood if they hope to master the craft. The characteristics of wood play a role in the decision process at each step, from general strength characteristics in the designing and engineering of the frame to final weight calculations during the raising and installation of the frame. We will leave a discussion of the design values, to the tomes of books and plethora of characteristic and engineering tables dedicated to this topic. Rather the information here is concerned with the characteristics of wood that go into the decision process of the timber framer where it concerns the timber placement and more specifically layout and cutting of joinery.Timber Frame mascot

In our shop, the lead timber framer will place a group of timbers to be worked on cribbing and then shake out the timbers by designating their placement in the frame. The focus at this phase is matching each timber to eventual requirements for strength, function and appearance. Read the rest of Timber Frame Lesson 3 .....

All of our timber frame lessons are archived on our website and accessible here

June Timber Framing Demonstration

Live Demo

On June 25th, we will hold another live timber framing demonstration at our shop. This is a second opportunity for those who missed our first demonstration on how we layout and cut the joinery that is the heart and soul of a timber frame. The demonstration will focus on the process of timber selection, layout and how we use a combination of power and hand tools to quickly, accurately and efficiently cut joinery. Part academic but mostly hands on, we will be also explaining; how and why we use Square Rule Joinery, what housings and reference faces are, how we grade and select timbers for both strength and appearance, as well as the characteristics of wood that determine joint placement and type.

Topics of the Demonstration Include:
  • Selection of Timbers
  • Visual Grading timber
  • Square Rule Joinery
  • Housings and Reductions
  • Hand tools
  • Specialized Power Tools
Check out more details on the event page.....

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