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The Hague Academy 2017: Welcome to All Students!

The Peace Palace Library welcomes all students of the Public International Law summer courses, first period, 10-28 July 2017, of the Hague Academy of International Law. The coming three weeks, the library will serve as the Academy’s ‘home library’, providing the students with access to all books, articles, essays and documentation on international law available in either paper or electronic format.
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Ladies of The Hague Academy of International Law

The Peace Palace will welcome around 600 students from all over the world during this year’s summer session of The Hague Academy of International Law. For many students, it will be their first time in The Hague and finding your way around the city can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there will be four lovely ladies to give out a helping hand when you need one. Find out who they are and what they have to say.
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Legal Databases

The Peace Palace Library has paid subscriptions to online content of a growing collection of legal databases from all around the world. During the Academy period, all students will have access to over 40 legal databases from South-Africa, France, India, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Tanzania, Zambia and many more. The Library also offers databases on legal subjects such as international criminal law, investment arbitration and oil, gas - and energy law.
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E-Learning Environment

During the 2017 Summer Courses, the Peace Palace Library ensures that the Reading Materials for the courses for each Professor are made available through the e-learning environment of the website of the Hague Academy of International Law. Read more on the Hague’s Academy’s learning environment and how to use it.
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Library Special: The Hague Academy 2017

The Library will serve as the Academy’s ‘home library’, providing the students with access to all books, articles, essays and documentation on international law available in either paper or electronic format. In this Library special, we present you all relevant information. Our July and August Newsletters will be entirely devoted to the coming summer courses, so stay tuned!
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Library Special: Kosovo Special Chambers

This Library Special is intended as a starting point for research on the Specialist Chambers and is a work in progress. Considering that the Specialist Chambers are not yet fully judicially operational operational, the focus for the time being will be on the founding instruments, legal literature and other relevant materials available in- and outside the Peace Palace Library, both in print and electronic format. These materials are presented in the Bibliography section.
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EU General Data Protection Regulation: Privacy and Data Protection Revisted!

EU General Data Protection RegulationOn May 25 2018, the 1995 Data Protection Directive will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new regulation will have impact on the whole of the EU Zone which currently spans 28 member countries and half a billion citizens. The new regulation aims to harmonise how data is handled across the whole of the EU, but will affect organisations inside or outside the EU Zone. The data protection world has changed radically over the past 20 years. This new regulation will bring crucial changes. This blog is an introduction to this important new General Data Protection Regulation.
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Public International Law

Public International Law is perhaps best described as an authoritative language, used by States, international organizations, individuals and other participants in the international legal order to interact with each other. International law is a value-oriented jurisprudence used by policymakers and other members of the international community (governments, diplomats, international judges and arbitrators, elements of the “UN family,” etc.) to make difficult choices based on shared values.
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The Hague Academy

The Academy is a centre for teaching and research in public and private international law, with the aim of furthering the scientific study of the legal aspects of international relations. All information available on the Academy website.
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