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SURVEY: Peace Palace Library

The Peace Palace Library always strives to improve the quality of its collection and services. In order to do this as quickly and appropriately as possible, it is important to know which points will benefit from any improvements. For this reason, we kindly request your participation in this survey. We would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time by filling in this survey . Please use the 'Other...' option to express your specific wishes if you have any! Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation.     
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Just Peace Festival in the Peace Palace Library

On Sunday September 24, the Peace Palace Library will open its doors! You can register for one of the guided tours of 45 minutes in English or Dutch, which start at 10:30 AM (Eng), 11:40 AM (Dutch), 13:20 PM (Eng) and 14:20 PM (Dutch). Maximum of 30 people per guided tour. During these guided tours, attention will be paid to the institution itself and historical figures such as Hugo Grotius, Bertha von Suttner and Andrew Carnegie. A short Dutch movie on Hugo Grotius for children will be shown in the Historical Reading Room. Language: Dutch and English Minimum age: 10 years. Visitors can also register for guided tours by the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
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Interview: A Historical Look at Latin-American Contributions in the Early Years of the Hague Academy

This Summer we had the pleasure of meeting mr. Walter Arévalo from Bogotá, Colombia! Walter attended The Hague Academy in 2016 and came back this Summer to conduct research for his PhD thesis at the Peace Palace Library. We learned that the Academy not only made a lasting impression on Walter, but it also inspired him to publish an academic article on the early history of the Academy. Together with Professor Ricardo Abello, he decided to research the contributions of Latin America to international law through the lens of the Summer Courses in the early years of the Hague Academy. Few scholars have written about the history of the Academy, in particular former students, so we had to take the opportunity to interview Walter and Professor Abello about their interesting findings. Here's what they had to say.
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Academy Students in the Spotlight: Private International Law

We're nearing the end of August which means the Private Law Course has ended and  the busy days in the Peace Palace are officially over. Fortunately, we heard from four students who have looked back at their time at the Academy and decided to share with us their thoughs on what turns out to have been a valuable experience. Here is what they have to say.
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AAA Transitions into the Secretariat of The Hague Academy

Last month, the former board of the Association of Attendees and Alumni of The Hague Academy of International Law (AAA) together with the Secretariat of the Hague Academy hosted a farewell reception to mark the transition of the AAA to the Secreatriat of the Academy. The AAA was founded in 1923, the same year in which the first Summer Courses of the Academy took place. It’s aim was to maintain intellectual and friendly relations between the attendees and the alumni of the The Hague Academy and to develop and encourage an international spirit. To this end, the AAA organizes cultural and social events and activities during the Summer Programs of the Academy. After almost a 100 years of working side by side , it was time for a change. In december the curatorium felt that the Academy was in need of an actual Alumni Office and decided to merge the two institutions. The reception to mark this transition was a good moment to reflect on the illustrious history of the AAA. Speeches were given by Professor Thouvenin, Secretary – General of the Hague Academy and Mr. Maurice Kamga, Secretary-General of the AAA. Delegation members of the National Group of the AAA in Germany even traveled to The Hague to attend this special event.
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Systematic Classification of International Law

The Online Public Access Catalog includes bibliographical references to books, periodicals and articles that are available in the Peace Palace Library. The Library possesses an in-house systematic classification, modernised and updated as of 01-01-2016, which is used to classify books, essays and articles. Originally created in 1916, the systematic classification supports your search with regard to content and is divided into five sections.
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China’s Ascendency as Vanguard of Traditional Knowledge in International Law Fora

The People’s Republic of China has made great strides towards a commercial rule of law in regard to intellectual property law. International law has helped raise the bar for the protection and enforcement standards of intellectual property law in China. Now, that China has realized the potential of intellectual property law for innovation, culture and commerce it has become a vocal advocate in international law fora to reform intellectual property law in line with their ideas about Traditional Knowledge.
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Polar Regions

Polar Regions | Research Guide International LawThis Research Guide is intended as a starting point for legal research on the Polar Regions. It covers a wide variety of topics relating to the Arctic, the Antarctic, Spitsbergen and Greenland. These include: regional and international governance issues, peace and security, dispute settlement, climate change, environmental protection, territorial claims and border disputes, law of the sea, exploration, exploitation of oil, gas and minerals, maritime navigation, and human rights issues, such as autonomy and self-determination, the rights of indigenous peoples to land and natural resources, their cultural rights and cultural heritage. As climate change has serious impact on the Polar Regions, international law has an important role to play, now and in the future.
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Pincus, R. and S.H. Ali (eds.), Diplomacy on Ice: Energy and the Environment in the Arctic and Antarctic, New Haven, Yale University Press, 2015. Johnstone, R.L., Offshore Oil and Gas Development in the Arctic under International Law: Risk and Responsibility, Leiden; Boston, Brill, 2015.

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