Last reminder - siste frist for påmelding - få plasser!
Last reminder - siste mulighet for påmelding - seminar IM-1

Vi har noen plasser igjen på dag 1 (16 mars), dag 2 (lørdag 17 mars er fullt)
We have a few seats on 16th March but we are full the 17th

Uno Vita AS and Clinic for Integrative Medicine are happy to invite you to a two-day seminar on informational and integrated medicine in theory and praxis. We will cover several important themes, including:

  • Earthing/grounding, research and health implications
  • Human existence and our connection to electric fields. Informational fields and quantum physics in theoretical and medical practice, research on consciousness and the effect on matter (humans and the environment)
  • What is the latest scientific understanding of consciousness, the unconscious and intuition?
  • What is the relevance and connection of water, mind, DNA and epigenetics?
  • Russian innovative technologies in medicine (millimeter wave therapy)
  • Biotrem innovative technique for medical rehabilitation and disease prevention
  • Workshop and individual therapy (Sunday)

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We are looking forward to be seeing you soon!

James L. Oschman, Ph.D. is President of Nature’s Own Research Association in Dover, New Hampshire, USA, and is the author of Energy Medicine, the scientific basis. He lectures internationally on energetic systems and various alternative practices. His expertise is in biophysics, and e will discuss the way in which the living matrix system within the body acts as the unconscious epigenetic link between words, thoughts and energy fields in the environment as well as its vital physiological and genetic functions. He will also present new research on the benefits of earthing or grounding, and what this technology may teach us about the functioning of the immune system. During recent years, James has been involved in basic research on the understanding of consciousness, intuition and the quantum physics of matter.

Prof. Dmitriy Medvedev, Doctor of Medicine, specialist in medical psychophysiology and restorative medicine, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences and director for R&D. Professor Medvedev will present research and clinical information on;

  • Millimeter waves in biology and medicine

  • Information effect of millimeter waves to the body

  • Transfer of information to the aqueous

  • Structuring of water

Jan Fredrik Poleszynski. Founder of TIIMS, CEO of Uno Vita AS & integrated medicine practitioner and lecturer      

Agenda for the March Integrated Medicine Seminar in Oslo

Saturday 16th              
9 – 9.30                                               registration
9.30 – 10.00                                        introduction Jan Poleszynski
10.00-12.00                                         lecture with James L. Oschman
12.00-12.15                                         break with drinks
12.15-13.30                                         lecture Dmitriy Medvedev
13.30-14.30                                         lunch (low carb basic serving)
14.30-15.15                                         lecture Dmitriy Medvedev
15.15-15.30                                         break
15.30-17.00                                         continued lecture with James L. Oschman
17.00..                                                 planning for day 2 and talks

Sunday 17th   
9.30-10                                                registration
10.00 – 11.30                                      understanding practicals of  Integrative Medicine
11.30 – 13.30                                      group work and treatments
13.30 – 14.30                                      break with refreshments
14.30 -  15.30                                      treatments, workshop and open discussions

Costs and general information
Both days will be held in Grefsen and Kjelsås Eldresenter in Kjelsåsveien 114, 0491 Oslo. First day (lectures) will be on the ground floor. The second day we will gather on the first floor in our clinic (Klinikk for Integrert Medisin). We have limited seats available; only for 50 people the first day. The second day (practical, treatments and discussions) will be informal and open for minor changes depending on who is attending. The price for Saturday with lunch is 200 EURO (1500 NOK) and for Sunday 100 EURO (800 NOK) with servings of snacks/coffee.. If any problems with payment or registration (please enter all your details with phone number, correct e-mail etc.) send us a e-mail to; or use the contact information below.


Schedule and general information for the IM seminars in 2013.
The first seminar will be a part of an education series for integrative medicine (IM) practitioners. There will be one training session every month from March to December (with a test for certification in December) in Oslo and also a possibility to participate in two seminars at the TimeWaver headquarters in Kränzlin (Berlin/Germany) in May and November. If you participate at minimum of 6 seminars (including 2 full-day seminars plus the test), you will obtain certification as integrated medical practioner. Seminar schedule and focus may be changed with minimum 1 months’ notice; below are the preliminary dates for half and all-day seminars:

Integrative Medicine Seminar 2013 Schedule – dates to remember
16/17                   March                                  two days in Oslo 
10                        April                                     afternoon session in Oslo 
4/5                       May                                      two days in Kränzlin (TimeWaver)
22                        May                                      afternoon session in Oslo
15                        June                                    one day seminar in Oslo
21                        August                                 afternoon session in Oslo
21/22                   September                          two days in Oslo
19/20                   October                               two days in Kränzlin (TimeWaver)
6                          November                           afternoon session in Oslo
7                          December                           one-day seminar with excam

Pricing.The future seminars will be priced as this: Afternoon 65 EURO (NOK 480), one day 200 EURO (NOK 1490), two day (Oslo) 390 EURO (NOK 2900) last day seminar with exam (qualification testing) and signed IM practioner certificate is 290 EURO (NOK 2900). * The prices can be changed depending on location and selected speaksers if nessecary but will be anouced in good time.



Hotel alternatives: 
Low cost, low service, clean, cheap but you must ask for single room or you will be place in a room with others: Haraldsheim Vandrerhjem
Good and regular hotel also quite close (good communication), with special discount: Gaustad Hotel

More information on Gaustad Hotel: 
Hotel «deal» for participants on the seminar 16/17th March Gaustad Hotel, Oslo
Participants will receive the following prices pr. night. We recommend it and communication with tram is good. All prices are included breakfast.
Single room                                                         NOK 600 +- 80 EURO
Combined room with extra bed                        NOK 750 +- 100 EURO
Double room                                                       NOK 800 +- 110 EURO
Please remember to order with reference UNOVITA2013.

Hotell avtale for Gaustad Hotell
Kursdeltagerne kan få gunstige hotell for seminaret 16-17.mars på Gaustad hotell.
Avtale priser:
Enkelt rom: 600 kr inkl. frokost 
Kombirom (enkeltrom m/ekstraseng): 750 kr pr.rom inkl. frokost
Dobbeltrom: 800 kr inkl. frokost
Referansen er UNOVITA2013.

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Our office and clinic are located at;
Uno Vita AS - Klinikk for Integrert Medisin
Grefsen & Kjelsås eldresenter
Kjelsåsveien 114
0491 Oslo

First day in the ground floor, the second day in second floor (entrance from Kjelsåsveien)!

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Late registration and payment:
Payment and registration Saturday 16th click here!
Payment and registration Sunday 17th click here!

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Jan Fredrik Poleszynski

Founder of TIIMS, CEO of Uno Vita AS & Integrated Medicine Practioner

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