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Alex Wrekk Does Stuff and Things Newsletter #6

Wow, last time one of these went out was July! Since then I wrapped up working on the 11th Portland Zine Symposium, finished a new zine, and made some new button designs. Paul and I spent a month on the east coast visiting friends in Philly, NCY and upstate New York to see family. I got a new tattoo from the talented Angel Sanders, and then we went down to Virginia for the Richmond ZIne Fest.

Since we have been back in Porltand we have settled into autumn and now winter. I attended the first Short Run Small Press fest in Seattle and  I have been busy pressing buttons and planning adventures for next year! I found really cheap tickets to Los Angels for the L.A,. Zine Fest in February and I'm hoping to make it out to Chicago for the 2nd Chicago Zine fest in March. Speaking of zine events.


For years I had been thinking that there should be an updated zine event calendar. Well, the "DIY by Default" in me went and did it myself. I have been trying to keep a zine event calendar updated about every month. Check it out and if you know an event that is not on the calendar, let me know. 

I made two zines this year! Brainscan 27 is a small zine with a single story and Brainscan 28 is my 24 hour zine challenge zine. It answers the question "What do you do?" What people really mean when they ask that is "how do you make money?" I went all fancy and made color covers and inserts for it. Check them out here at Small World Buttons or in my Etsy Shop.

The zine podcast that has been
unapologetically late since 2009! We put out episode #5 in August. Derek has moved acrcoss the country but we hope to sort how to continue running the podcast soon and get some more episodes up. Check out episode #5 here or find it on itunes.

Miscellaneous zine stuff:
-I created a google group for zine event organizers after some meetings a different zine events this year.  It is a wealth of knowledge for people running zine events all over the world. Let me know if you would like to be included in the conversation.
-I will be creating a cover for the next full issue of Zine World.
-Some plans are in the works for updating the Stolen Sharpie Revolution web site and working towards and reprint of the book.
-The Portland Zine Symposium is looking for hard working dedicated volunteers to help us out in our 12th year!


I added and redesigned a bunch of my catalog buttons and magnets and now offer them in 1" & 1.25" buttons and magnets on My Small World Button site in an easy drop down menu. I had been meaning to do this for awhile so I'm glad I finally got it sorted. Check it out.

I've been making custom buttons since 2000, that's over 10 year and still going strong. I offer custom buttons on my Small World Buttons site and my Brainscan Etsy site.



Well, that's about it for this year. I hope you have a happy and safe holiday season, see you next year!  -Alex Wrekk

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Small World Buttons site or my  Brainscan Etsy shop and get 10% your entire purchase.

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