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Teaching yoga in Senegal

In May 2016 I'll be teaching a guest class in the wonderful Prism Yoga studio of Mina in Dakar, Senegal. It'll be my first yoga class in Africa and I'm super excited. Mina kindly invited me to teach in her studio and I'll do a mixed class of hatha and yin yoga. Please share with your friends and family over there so they'll join the class and discover this welcoming new studio. There's also a Facebook event.

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Eggplant lasagne (V)

One evening I actually wanted to make my delicious eggplant tempeh gnocchi recipe, but I couldn’t find any vegan gnocchi in nearby stores. After some quick searching online I improvised and came up with a parmigiana alla melanzana/ lasagne combo. It was relatively quick to make and simply divine.

Pranayama video

Anuloma Viloma is one of the 2 Pranayama exercises that is practiced on a daily basis in the Sivananda Hatha Yoga tradition. The benefits of this Pranayama are to balance the flow of Prana (vital energy) in the body. The alternate nostril breathing harmonizes the nervous system and balances the activity of both hemispheres of the brain. Practice 8 rounds of this Pranayama with my new video.



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Slow juicing

I'm a Jazz Max distributor. Would you also like to drink healthy, freshly made juices, eat delicious, homemade pesto and hummus, nut butters and sorbets, then the Jazz Max is the kitchen tool you'll enjoy to the max. 

Breathe easily

Jala Neti is a simple technique for cleaning the nose, nasal passages and sinuses. It's especially beneficial for people that suffer from allergies, often have congested sinuses or common colds. It’ll help to maintain easy breathing. 

"Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize" - Swami Sivananda

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