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Audio: Abp. Sheen Helps Launch College in 1970 Audio: Abp. Sheen Helps Launch the College in 1970  
Audio: Dr. McArthur at 1970 Kickoff Audio:
Dr. McArthur at the 1970 Kickoff
Slideshow: Alumni Association Dinner Slideshow:
Alumni Association Dinner
Text & Audio: Peter DeLuca on the Class of 1975 Text & Audio:
Peter DeLuca on the Class of 1975
Text & Audio: Fr. Buckley on Ireland, Clericalism & Vocations Text & Audio:
Fr. Buckley on Ireland, Clericalism
Slideshow: Remembering Virginia Thorpe Slideshow:
Remembering Virginia Thorpe
Interview: Tutor & Author Michael Augros Interview:
Tutor & Author Michael Augros
Dr. Gregory L. Froelich: Self-Love and Friendship  
Slideshow: Summer Seminar Weekend #1 Slideshow:
Summer Seminar Weekend #1
 Dr. John Goyette: Aquinas on Law, Happiness & the Political Common Good Dr. John Goyette: Aquinas on Political Common Good  
Reflections on the Art of Living, by Henry J. Zeiter, M.D.  
Summer Seminar #2
July 17-19
Summer Great Books Program for High School Students
July 19 - August 1
Napa Seminars: Sacraments, Grace & Free Will
July 30-31
Feast of the Assumption
Office Holiday
August 15
Freshman Orientation
August 20-23
Residence Halls Open for Freshmen
August 20
Welcome Barbeque for Freshmen and their Families
August 20 (5:30 p.m.)
Orientation for Parents of Freshmen
August 20 (6:30 p.m.)
Residence Halls Open for Returning Students
August 22
Convocation 2015
August 24
The Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted
Bishop of Phoenix, presiding
Feast of Bl. Mother Teresa
September 5
Columbus Day
Office Holiday
October 12
Anniversary of the Death of Founding President Ronald P. McArthur
October 17
Don Rags
October 20-22
Virginia A. Thorpe
March 6
Legacy Society member

William C. Grimm
June 15
 Father of Stephen (’75), Paula Kaiser (’75), Danny (’76), Marya Krestyn (’76), Jess (’77), Patti Kaiser (’79), Anita Zepeda (’79), Michele Loughman (’81), Angela Lessard (’85), Serena Mohun (’87), James (’89), Ernie (’94), Leon (’95), and Peter (’96);
Grandfather of Genevieve (’05), Michael (’06), Paula (’08), Matthew (’10), Adrienne (LaFave ’14) Grimm; George (’03), Anna (’04), Maria (Foster ’09), Francesca (’13), and Elizabeth (’17) Krestyn; Tommy (’00), Theresa (Faulk ’00), Sarah (’02), Maria (Kuebler ’03), Nicholas (’06), David (’09), Charlie (’10), Annie (Kuebler ’11), Damian (’12), Rebecca (’15), and Joanna (’15) Kaiser; Elizabeth (Grimm ’98) Forrester; Wendy-Irene (Zepeda ’99), Bill (’02), Thérèse (Obagi ’04), Daniel (’06), Rosie (’10), Augusta (Thompson ’12), and Jack (’15) Grimm; William (’03) and John (’07) Kaiser; Lucy (’03), Joe (’04), Henry (’06), Edmund (’08), Stephen (’09), Ramona (’11), Martin (’13), Leon (’14), and Elena (’18) Zepeda; Thomas Loughman (’18); Mariclare (Forsyth ’14), Madeleine (’16), and Serena (’18) Lessard; Robert (’09), Margaret (’10), Catherine (’13), and George (’14) Mohun; Seamus Blackwell (’15); and Jane (’13) and Arthur (’16) Grimm

Bridget Louise Nazeck
July 6
Daughter of Rosie (Kretschmer) and Jacob Nazeck (both ’05)

Lawrence Stuart, M.D.
July 7
Father of Karen Kelly (’88); grandfather of Grace (’12) and Thomas (’16) Kelly; President’s Council member
College Appeals HHS Mandate Ruling to Supreme Court; Seeks Safeguards in Light of Marriage Decision

Attorneys representing Thomas Aquinas College and its co-plaintiffs have submitted a petition for a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking relief from the HHS Mandate that threatens the religious liberty of Catholic institutions across the United States.

As part of the June 25, 2015, filing, attorneys from the Jones Day law firm asked the Court to resolve several conflicting lower court rulings about whether Catholic employers should be exempt from federal requirements that compel them to facilitate free contraceptive, abortifacient, and sterilization coverage for their employees. The petition argues that the HHS Mandate “has made it effectively impossible for petitioners to offer health coverage to their employees and students in a manner consistent with their religious beliefs.”
Meanwhile, mindful that the Supreme Court’s recent marriage ruling could have devastating legal consequences for religious schools and colleges, Thomas Aquinas College President Michael F. McLean has co-signed a letter calling on Congress to ensure these institutions’ freedoms. “We urge you in the strongest terms,” the letter says, “to protect the schools we represent ... from such unwarranted and unconstitutional abridgements of the liberty we always have cherished in our nation.”

Full story: College Appeals to Supreme Court 
Full Story: Letter to Congressional Leaders 

U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court

HHS Mandate
HHS Mandate

Defending Marriage
Defending Marriage
Celebrating Two Summer Ordinations

On Saturday, June 13, Rev. Joshua Mayer (’03) was ordained to the holy priesthood at the hands of the Most Rev. James S. Wall, Bishop of Gallup. Numerous Thomas Aquinas College alumni and their families traveled to New Mexico for the occasion, marking the ordination of the College’s 61st alumnus priest

Two weeks later, God blessed the College with alumnus priest No. 62.On June 27, the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the Most Rev. Kevin William Vann, Bishop of Orange, ordained Rev. Jacob (Joseph ’06) Hsieh, O.Praem. Fr. Jacob now takes up his first assignment, teaching Gregorian chant to the novices in his community, the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, California.

Deo gratias!

Full Story: Rev. Joshua Mayer 
Full Story: Rev. Jacob Hsieh 


Rev. Joshua Mayer (’03)
First blessings:
Rev. Joshua Mayer (’03) ...

Rev. Jacob (Joseph ’06) Hsieh, O.Praem.
... and Rev. Jacob (Joseph ’06) Hsieh, O.Praem.
Introducing this Year’s Chaplains,
Prefects, and Tutors

In just five days, 153 rising high school seniors from across the United States and abroad will arrive for the 2015 High School Summer Program, the largest in the College’s history. They will read great works of Western civilization, engage in lively classroom discussions, and delight in the College’s rich sacramental life — all while having much fun and forging new, lifelong friendships.
Throughout the program’s 14 days, the College will feature updates on the students’ activities — including photos — on the High School Summer Blog. Indeed, in anticipation of this year’s program, the blog is already up and running. Among the featured posts are introductions to the Summer Program’s chaplains, its tutors, and its prefects (parts one, two, and three).
Beginning on Sunday, check the Summer Blog for daily (or more) updates and photos from this year’s program. Or, follow the College on Facebook or Twitter and get the news delivered directly to you.

The High School Summer Program Blog
Summer Chaplain Rev. Nick Blaha (’02)
Summer Chaplain Rev. Nick Blaha (’02)

Women’s Head Prefect Sarah Dufresne (’14)
Women’s Head Prefect Sarah Dufresne (’14)

Dr. Michael Augros (’92), director of the Summer ProgramDr. Michael Augros (’92), director of the Summer Program
Highlights from the College’s Alumni Blog

• In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges and Pope Francis’s second encyclical, Laudato Si’, some Catholics have complained that the Holy Father has spent too much time talking about the environment, and not enough about the sanctity of marriage. Dr. John Finley (’99), however, suggests another perspective. In Catholic World Report, the alumnus and former tutor offers “three reasons why Catholics should take seriously the encyclical’s subject matter, precisely in view of the Supreme Court’s decision.” Read more.

• “I was in my dress and getting ready to leave,” recalls Lane (Smith ’04) Scott, describing that woeful day in 2011 when she almost got her Ph.D. After spending three years completing her coursework and another four writing a dissertation, she learned that her dissertation had been rejected, and she would have to write an entirely new one. Over time, however, she has come to regard that dreaded moment as a blessing. The ordeal of writing a second dissertation was good preparation for the life she leads today — as a scholar, a pundit, a rancher, a wife, and a Catholic homeschooling mother. Read more.

• When alumnus Jared Kuebler (’03) joined the Thomas Aquinas College teaching faculty in 2011, he had already completed his doctoral studies (theology, Ave Maria University), but not his dissertation. He therefore spent most of his vacation and free time over the last few years completing this requirement — a challenging task for a full-time college instructor and father of six. His diligence, however, has paid off and, as a result, he has earned the title of doctor. In June Dr. Kuebler traveled back to Ave Maria and successfully defended his dissertation, “Created and Uncreated Duration: Time and Eternity in St. Thomas Aquinas.” Read more.

The Faith in Action Blog


Dr. John Finley (’99)
Dr. John Finley (’99)
Dr. Lane (Smith ’04) Scott
Dr. Lane (Smith ’04) Scott

Dr. Jared Kuebler (’03)Dr. Jared Kuebler (’03)

The Case for Catholic Liberal Education

In a recent address to the Catholic Professional & Business Group of Reno, Nevada, Thomas Aquinas College President Michael F. McLean presented an address entitled The Case for a Catholic Liberal Education in the 21st Century. Discussing the College’s educational program, the moral life of its students, and its community of faith, he detailed its success in encouraging priestly/religious vocations and in preparing students for the secular workplace.
“Income and employment levels, as well as the testimony of employers, provide strong evidence for the worth of a broad and well organized education which is not necessarily directed to a specific vocation or profession,” Dr. McLean said. Yet even more importantly, he continued, “Catholic liberal education puts young people on a path which, if they follow it faithfully, will one day lead to their joining the angels and the saints in heaven, which, after all, is the real purpose of our lives here on earth.”
Relatedly, the Cardinal Newman Society has issued
a new white paper which concludes that Catholic identity — that is, a robust embrace of the Faith — is key to the success of Catholic liberal arts colleges and universities. Citing Thomas Aquinas College as an example, author Adam Wilson observes that “some faithful Catholic institutions are successfully leveraging their faithful Catholic identities to attract students, inviting emulation both as models of success and as witnesses to the Faith.”

Full Story: Dr. McLean’s Address 
Full Story: Cardinal Newman White Paper


President Michael F. McLean
Michael F. McLean

City Journal
  Thomas Aquinas College