Thomas Aquinas College
Dear Friend,  

I would like you to meet Dr. Melissa Buckley.

Dr. Buckley is not a member of our faculty, nor an alumna, nor a TAC parent. She is a dear friend of the College who, over the years, has continually looked for ways to know, love, and serve our students. She has taken several trips to the California campus, where she eats with students in the dining halls and sits in on their classes. She studies Euclid and Latin, so she can better understand their work. Once, while she was visiting, she even helped them clean their residence halls.

The Most Rev. Robert E. Barron
And this year she is making a $350,000 matching gift to support our annual Week of Giving, which begins on Monday.

The Week of Giving, which closes out our fiscal year, is an opportunity for friends of the College to come together in support of our students with gifts to the Annual Fund. Thanks to Dr. Buckley, this year, the opportunity to aid our students is greater than ever.

To inspire fellow friends of the College, Dr. Buckley has promised to match all contributions to the Week of Giving up to $350,000 — for a total goal of $700,000!

Her timing could not be more providential. Due to the coronavirus and its economic effects, many of our students’ families are struggling, and our financial aid office expects to face steep, unanticipated costs this year. By supporting the Week of Giving, you can help make it possible for students to receive the priceless gift of an authentically Catholic liberal education.

Over the course of the week, we will send you daily emails with news from our campuses and updates on the progress of the Week of Giving. When you receive these emails, please think of them as an opportunity to pray for Thomas Aquinas College and our students, and that God will continue to bless us with friends like Dr. Buckley who make the work of the College possible.

And, of course, should you choose to support the Week of Giving, thanks to Dr. Buckley, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar. Dr. Buckley has even agreed to match early-bird gifts, so there is no need to wait until next week — you can make your gift now!

Make a Gift Now!
Thank you for your support and friendship. May God bless you and your family.


Matthew Plaisted
Director of Annual Giving
  Thomas Aquinas College