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Sunday Afternoon
“Tea Party”
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Students lead the way at Walk for Life 2017 Slideshow: Students Lead Way at Walk for Life  
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A Visit from the Sisters of Life
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Presidents’ Day
No classes / office holiday
February 20
Tutor Talk: Dr. Travis Cooper
“Themes, Images, and Tone in the Literary Work of Art: the Iliad, the Odyssey, and A Simple Heart
February 22
Presidents’ Day Lecture
Dr. Paul Rahe
Professor of History
Hillsdale College
February 24
Don Rags
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February 28 - March 2
Ash Wednesday
March 1
Student Performance:
Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare
The St. Genesius Players
March 4
Feast of St. Thomas
March 7
Dedication of Founders’ Plaza
March 7
St. Thomas Day Lecture
Rev. Joseph Koterski, S.J.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Fordham University
March 7
Solemnity of the Dedication of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel
March 7
Spring Concert 
The Thomas Aquinas College Choir
Dido and Aeneas, by Henry Purcell
March 24
Palm Sunday
April 9 
Holy Thursday
April 13
Student Triduum Retreat
April 13-15 
Easter Recess
April 13-19
Good Friday
April 14
Holy Saturday
April 15
Anniversary of the Death of College President Thomas E. Dillon
April 15
Easter Sunday
April 16 
Commencement 2017
May 13
Memorial Day
May 29 
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George G. Brennan
October 17, 2016
Legacy Society member
Kathleen Adell Burke
January 29, 2017
Member, Order of St. Albert the Great
College Signs Agreement to Open
New England Campus

On Tuesday, February 7, the National Christian Foundation and Thomas Aquinas College announced that they had entered into a preliminary agreement, under which NCF will give the College the former campus of a secondary school in Northfield, Massachusetts, on May 2, 2017. 

“To maintain an intimate community of learners, we have always thought it important to keep the student body on our California campus at 400 or fewer,” says President Michael F. McLean. Since reaching full enrollment some years ago, however, the College has had to turn away increasing numbers of applicants each year. “We have long been considering the possibility of a second campus, but the question would have remained academic were it not for this extraordinary opportunity that the National Christian Foundation has offered us. Never did we imagine we could acquire a campus so fully developed and so beautiful.”

For the next few months, the College will complete its assessment of the physical plant at the new site and continue its efforts to obtain necessary permitting. By God’s grace, and with the support of the College’s many generous benefactors, the branch campus will open its doors to students in the fall of 2018.

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Kenarden Hall
Kenarden Hall

Stone Hall
Stone Hall

Sage Chapel
Sage Chapel
U.S. News Ranks College Among
Country’s Most Popular 

Thomas Aquinas College is one of the most popular liberal arts colleges in the United States, according to the latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report. In its survey of college enrollment for the 2015-16 academic year, the newsweekly found that 66.4 percent of the applicants admitted to Thomas Aquinas College go on to enroll as freshmen in the fall — the fifth-highest “yield” rate in the country.

“A higher yield” writes U.S. News reporter Farran Powell, “typically indicates a school’s popularity and desirability in a student’s eyes and is often associated with a ‘first-choice school.’” Three of the other liberal arts colleges included in the magazine’s Top 5 are military academies, and the fourth is likewise able to offer its students an education at no charge, making Thomas Aquinas College No. 1 in the United States among liberal arts colleges that charge tuition.

Nationwide, U.S. News reports, “yield” rates are in decline “as students submit more college applications to various schools — reducing the probability that they’ll attend a particular school.” Yet Thomas Aquinas College bucks that trend, posting a yield rate that is more than 3 percentage points higher than it was in 2013-4 (63.2 percent) and more than double the national average of 27.5 percent. Only 9 of the 216 liberal arts colleges that submitted yield data to U.S. News this academic year have a rate higher than 50 percent, and Thomas Aquinas College is the only Catholic institution among them.

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Students Lead the Way at Walk for Life

The annual Thomas Aquinas College pilgrimage to the Walk for Life West Coast got off to a slow start this year, when the buses that were supposed to help bring some 260 students to San Francisco were delayed for hours. Although scheduled to depart campus after the close of classes (4:00 p.m.) on Friday, January 20, three of the buses did not arrive until 7:00 p.m., and the fourth came at 6:00 a.m. the next morning!

Yet the students were undeterred. They remained upbeat and excited throughout, eager to lead Saturday’s procession through the city’s streets. Passengers on the first three buses arrived late in the night at San Francisco’s Saints Peter and Paul Church, where the Salesian fathers graciously offered them places to sleep for a few hours before the morning’s Walk. The others met them at the Walk, arriving with only minutes to spare.

At the request of the Walk’s organizers, the College’s students once again took on volunteer positions, directing traffic and crowds. Clad in their TAC sweatshirts, all prayed, sang, and peacefully called for an end to abortion alongside more than 50,000 fellow walkers. On Sunday morning, the students made the 375-mile trip back to campus, tired but grateful for the opportunity to bear witness to the Culture of Life.

Photo slideshow

Students at the Walk for Life West Coast

Students at the Walk for Life West Coast

Fr. Buckley with students at the Walk for Life

Highlights from the College’s Alumni Blog

• The website of the Library of Congress has published an interview with Daina Andries (’09), a metadata technician with the Digital Resources Division of the Law Library of Congress. In the interview Miss Andries discusses her work at the library — “capturing and reviewing metadata, or data about data, which renders a resource more searchable by supplying identification information about the resource” — as well as her academic background. “The curriculum at Thomas Aquinas was rigorous and interdisciplinary,” she says, and it provided her with a “foundation in logical reasoning and philosophy” that has proved invaluable in “learning about semantics and knowledge organization, object-oriented programming, and analytics.”

• In honor of St. John Bosco, whose feast the Church celebrated on January 31, Sean Fitzpatrick (’02) penned an article for Catholic Exchange in which he praised the saint’s judicious balance of lenience and stringency in ministering to the boys in his care. Don Bosco “brought joy to everything he did with his boys, from soccer to the Sacraments,” wrote Mr. Fitzpatrick, but he “was not tolerant when intolerance was called for, and this was a part of his genius.” As the headmaster of Gregory the Great Academy, an all-boys boarding high school in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Mr. Fitzpatrick knows well of what he writes. And, no doubt, relies heavily on the intercession of St. John Bosco in his duties.

• Writing for the Daily Signal, of which she is the managing editor, Katrina Trinko (’09) analyzes the deeper meaning behind Rep. Eric Swalwell’s recent disastrous performance on Fox News, in which he tried to avoid a simple question about abortion from host Tucker Carlson: “Do you think it is the taking of a human life?” Congressman Swalwell’s constant deflection, writes Miss Trinko, “really gets to the gist of the abortion debate, which is this: Is the unborn baby human or not, and if not human, at what point does she become human?” 

The Faith in Action blog  


Daina Andries (’09)
Daina Andries (’09)

Sean Fitzpatrick (’02)
Sean Fitzpatrick (’02)

Katrina Trinko (’09)
Katrina Trinko (’09)

professional advice
Office of Career Planning Hosts Talks on Banking, Nursing

As part of its ongoing series of career talks, the Office of Career Planning recently hosted two more events at which professionals shared advice and wisdom with the College's students.

• On February 5 Beverly Stevensa former banker and the current editor of Regina Magazine, presented an overview of the financial industry and advice about how the College's students can best break into it. “You guys have an extremely strong education. You haven’t got an education-lite, like what takes place at so many other universities,” said Mrs. Stevens. “You’ve actually had to read first sources and think — and that, in and of itself, is a skill that is rare in the U.S.”

• Alumna Clare Hoonhout (’08), RN — an emergency department nurse for Scripps Health in San Diego, California — spoke on January 25 to a roomful of students eager for her expertise and counsel. “Your four years here at TAC serve as an excellent foundation for nursing for two key reasons,” she said. “First you are immersed in the intellectually rigorous life. Critical thinking? You do that every day. You know the importance of asking the right questions. Second is our Catholic faith. We recognize the dignity of human life and that every person is a child of God. It is with our faith that we are able to love and serve even the unlovable who come through our doors. We understand that suffering is not pointless, and that death is not the end.”


Beverly Stevens
Beverly Stevens
Clare Hoonhout (’08), RN
Clare Hoonhout (’08), RN
  Thomas Aquinas College