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Students on the New England campus
Dear Friend,

In the last four years, more than 60 colleges nationwide — 17 of them in New England — have closed their doors, merged, or announced plans to do so in the near future. Thomas Aquinas College has a very different story to tell.
One year ago, we opened a second campus in Northfield, Massachusetts, in order to keep up with the rising demand for our program of Catholic liberal education. This upcoming year, enrollment at our New England campus is expected to double.
How is TAC defying the odds?
While many schools have strayed from their founding missions to chase the latest academic fads, Thomas Aquinas College has always held true to our founders’ vision of Catholic liberal education. We have remained faithful to the Church, and we offer a Catholic program of learning consisting entirely of the Great Books taught in small classroom discussions. This combination of timelessness and distinctiveness has allowed us to flourish while others have struggled.
If you think our work — forming holy and virtuous young people for service to the Church and the world — is worthwhile, would you please support Thomas Aquinas College with a gift to our Annual Fund?
If you make your gift today, it will be doubled at no cost to you. A dear friend of the College, Dr. Melissa Buckley, has offered to match all gifts made during the Week of Giving, up to $350,000 total.
If you have already made your contribution, thank you! Just five days into the Week, friends have given some $278,292 in total. And if you have not made your gift yet, please contribute now to take advantage of Dr. Buckley’s offer.
The College’s growth is a blessing, but also a challenge. With a new campus and new students come buildings to prepare, faculty to hire, residence halls to outfit, and financial-aid needs to meet. With your generous support, however, we can continue to defy the odds.

Make a Gift Now!Sincerely,
Thomas Kaiser
Thomas J. Kaiser, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Thomas Aquinas College, New England
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