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Students work in the dining commons
Nearly three-quarters of the College's students help pay for their tuition through work-study jobs.
Dear Friend,

Nearly 50 years ago the founders of Thomas Aquinas College made an audacious commitment: They were resolved that the College — though it was brand new and penniless at the time — would never turn away any student on the basis of financial need.

Relying on God’s grace, the College has been able to uphold that commitment now for almost half a century, earning a national reputation for both its academic excellence and the fairness and generosity of its financial aid program. Our alumni, many of whom could never have attended the College without support from our benefactors, are now bringing the light of Christ to every corner of society.
This year, as we prepare to welcome students back to our campuses, we are renewing our founders’ audacious commitment: We have pledged to meet every student’s demonstrated financial aid need for the upcoming academic year — at a total cost of nearly $6 million, due to the economic distress caused by COVID-19. We continue to rely on God’s providence and on the generosity of our friends to make this possible.

Would you please consider making a gift to Thomas Aquinas College today?

If you do, know that your gift will be doubled, at no cost to you, thanks to the generosity of another friend of the College: Out of great love for our students, Dr. Melissa Buckley has promised to match, dollar for dollar, all gifts made during our ongoing Week of Giving, up to $350,000 total. 

Friends have already contributed $318,924 to the Week of Giving. If you are one of them, I thank you on behalf of all our students and their families! And if not, please consider making a gift now, while it can still be doubled.

We deeply believe that the availability of affordable, authentically Catholic liberal education is essential for the future of the Church and our country. If you agree, please join us in advancing this mission in faith, knowing that God’s generosity can never be outdone.

Make a Gift Now!
John Goyette
John J. Goyette, Ph.D.

Student works on the grounds crew
At Thomas Aquinas College, students who receive financial aid typically work 13 hours per week on campus.
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