Come work alongside police officers, firefighters, landfill operators, and utility employees. Learn about how traffic lights are timed down Rogers Avenue. Looking for info about animal control ordinances or how to care for your pets? Looking for a new place to #shopFortSmith? How many tons were collected as a result of the December winter storm, and what will happen to it all? Who's watching City of Fort Smith City Hall on Facebook and Twitter? It's all right here, in your February Fast Focus!

Improved life safety & fire protection

On Monday, the Fort Smith Fire Department implemented the final phase in a 3-year long process designed to protect life and property. For some time, the city-wide average for response times has been in the range of 3 minutes, 15 seconds. However, response times to locations in the southeastern sections were, on occasion, more than double the average. As of February 24, equipment and personnel were redeployed across 10 existing stations, and the new Station 11 at Chaffee Crossing. The new station ensures much better response times for citizens in need of medical assistance or fire service.

About our pets

A 9-member citizen panel - the Animal Services Advisory Board - provides guidance to the Mayor and Board of Directors on matters involving the safety and care of animals, and the safety of our citizens with respect to our animal population. Ordinances related to animals are here. Local laws are enforced by the Animal Control Division of the Fort Smith Police Department.

Now, there's an easy way to keep in touch with all of these entities in a way that is relevant to you, your life, and your pets. The Animal Services Advisory Board has launched a Facebook page, designed to provide awareness about the care and safety of our pets. Please like, and share.

Come have fun & let's learn - together

Our spring 2014 citizens academies sessions are launching soon. By popular demand, the city hall component is scheduled for Monday nights, beginning March 10 and concluding May 19. The program, in its 8th year, gives citizens behind-the-scenes tours of major service facilities, lots of question-and-answer time with elected officials, front-line employees, department professionals, and city administration. Sessions are from 6:00 to 8:45 each Monday night. Dress is casual and the program is free. Click here for more information and an application, and for information about Citizens Fire Academy and Citizens Police Academy components, which are scheduled for Thursday nights this spring.


March 6 is First Thursday Fort Smith. Merchants downtown are doing a terrific job with this Facebook page. We encourage our citizens to #shopFortSmith.

The first board meeting of every month marks an opportunity for citizens to sit down and chat with Mayor Sanders and members of the board about whatever's on your mind. The next Town Hall is scheduled for March 4. Time & location available here. The agenda will also be posted here the Friday prior.

If you follow the Department of Sanitation Facebook page, you already know crews collected 1,520 tons of debris from the December 8 winter storm. That's more than 3 million pounds. The debris will be mulched, piled into winrows, cured, and sold to citizens for non-commercial uses.

The City of Fort Smith - City Hall Facebook page typically reaches more than 5,000 unique visitors each week. Of the 2000 followers on the City of Fort Smith - City Hall Twitter account, most are male, between the ages of 25 to 44. Most popular words are: Arkansas, Fort Smith, news, love, husband, wife, and.....wait for it.........Razorback!

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