Halloween safety tips, national recognition for our water supply, watch board meetings live, and meet our newest Hometown Hospitality Heroes.

Happy Halloween!

Here are some recommendations for staying safe - protecting our children and our pets

High watermark in the Fort 

Fort Smith is the 6th most drought resistant city in the U.S. - sharing the top 10 with Memphis and New Orleans. highlights qualities in medium to small sized cities and the attributes that make them great places to live. This week, the site explores drought resistant cities, as ranked by the Environmental Hydrology Laboratory at the University of Florida.

Mayor Sandy Sanders and city administrator Ray Gosack recognize the distinction is a reflection of our citizens vision for the future.

Watch board meetings live online

Beginning Tuesday night, live video streaming for each business meeting will be available via UStream, under the City of Fort Smith Board of Directors Meetings profile or download the free UStream app for your Apple or Android device. Read the news release here.

Hometown Hospitality Heroes

The Fort Smith Convention and Visitors Bureau has announced its Hometown Hospitality Heroes for the current quarter. Bill Ladd, a Fort Smith native, and Larry Rhodes earned the honors for organizing the Arkansas Realtors Association convention. More than 350 members and 64 vendors attended in Fort Smith, generating a direct economic impact of more than $52,000 and a total economic impact of $157,500. Congratulations, Bill and Larry.

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Report issues that need the attention of city crews. See what's of concern to others. Join the conversation. Because 9 to 5 is so yesterday.


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