Participate in local government at the Ward 1 neighborhood meeting, tips that may save a life, looking toward a bright future in Fort Smith, as envisioned by our citizens, and more.

Ward 1 neighborhood meeting

Monday night, residents in Ward 1 will have an opportunity to hear what infrastructure projects are in various stages of completion or are planned for 2015. On January 26 at 6:00 p.m. – the Rogers Center at 2901 Kinkead – city staff will host about 20 minutes worth of briefings. Following, Mayor Sanders and the board of directors will take questions from citizens and listen to areas of concern for residents. Here’s the agenda

All citizens are invited to attend and participate. Read more.

Life-saving tips

Does your family know what to do if your house catches fire in the middle of the night? How will each family member escape from his or her room? Where will you meet? Do you check your smoke alarm regularly? These are critical questions, according to the Fort Smith Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office, because most home fire deaths happen when people are asleep. It’s important for renters and landlords to understand their individual responsibilities. A landlord must provide a properly-working alarm. A renter should verify the device is working, and a renter is responsible for making sure the alarm remains in good working condition.

For more information about fire safety, see the Fire Marshal’s tips about smoke alarms and winter weather fire safety.

Together, a bright future

Each year, Ray Gosack, city administrator, prepares a list of accomplishments for the City of Fort Smith. The 2014 list positions the city well not only for 2015, but for years to come. More than 1,400 jobs were added in 2014, with accompanying investments of more than $180 million. Approximately 110 citizens were graduated from 5 citizens academies programs at city hall, the Fort Smith Police Department, and the Fort Smith Fire Department. Fort Smith citizens earned a 10th consecutive Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year award. With support from the city and leadership from Beautify Fort Smith, nearly 1.5 tons of trash was removed from public roadways. Departments and staff earned numerous awards, honors and accolades. Here’s the complete listing of accomplishments for 2014.

Citizens' blueprint for our future

The Fort Smith Board of Directors has approved the Future Fort Smith comprehensive plan update. For nearly two years, citizens participated in numerous forums, meetings, and online discussions about what kind of city Fort Smith should become during the next 20 years. Please follow us on Facebook at Future Fort Smith for regular information about board of directors and staff actions related to implementation of the plan. The entire Future Fort Smith plan is available here.

Shue in for #HHH

It seems fitting that a city known for its rough-and-tumble Wild West days would attract members of the Arkansas Prosecuting Attorney Association for an annual meeting. The group came to Fort Smith last fall, at the invitation of its president, Sebastian County prosecuting attorney Daniel Shue. For his work in bringing the association to Fort Smith, the Fort Smith Convention and Visitors Bureau has named Daniel Shue its Hometown Hospitality Hero for the fourth quarter in 2014.

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Speakers Bureau

Here's a handy tool for civic clubs and professional organizations looking for expert speakers. A variety of topics are available. Contact info included.


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