Nigama is the collection of all the possible questions of unit minds [regarding spirituality], and ágama is the collection of the answers to those questions, those pariprashnas. Once Párvatii posed a question to Shiva. (Actually she asked it not for herself, but just to make people understand the desideratum of human life.) The question asked was, “What should be the object of worship for those who are doing sádhaná?”


The Constitution Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India disposed of the Writ Petition filed by Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha and Acarya Shambhshivananda Avadhuta, former General Secretary of ANANDA MARGA PRACARAKA SAMGHA, challenging the secret circular which was being used for deporting the foreign followers of Ananda Marga.
Five Hon’ble Judges of the *Constitution Bench* of the *Supreme Court of India recorded the statement of the Solicitor General of India who stated that no circular is now in existence banning entry of the followers of Ananda Marga*, *on account of their religion or faith in Ananda Marga*.
This, in fact, ends the era of persecution of OVERSEAS followers of Ananda Marga who used to be deported on their arrival in India. For Ananda Marga, being a global organization, this was a great impediment for its expansion throughout the globe, which has been removed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court today.

Acarya Citsvarupananda Avadhuta
General Secretary
Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha
Cell: +919431103725
Medical Camp was held in AMURT Bhavan complex today (03-08-2014) and more than 64 patients who  came from long distance places (remote villages) were treated and medicine were given by our doctors The name of the doctors and volunteers are, P.D. Singh, Dr. Ananda Dev, Dr. Namrata Sahadev, Dr. Tapasi Sahadev and Dr. Karuna Sahadev assisted by Ac. Pracetananda Avadhuta, Sri Bankim Mahato, Sri Brihaspati Kisku and Prabhu Narayan ji. This camp was a grand success by Baba's Grace. One patients of osteiogenesis imperfecta disease  was treated by Dr. P. D. Singh whose photo also being sent to all of you with other photographs for your information.
With my best wishes and regards to all
Always in HIS Service,

Malaysia Airlines flight 17 (MH17), cruising at 32,000 feet, was shot down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. All 298 lives were lost and the wreckage is over 11 miles square. MH 17 had taken off from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, bound for Kuala Lumpur International Airport, when the airline received notification from Ukrainian aviation authorities that contact had been lost with the passenger jet about 30 miles from the Russia-Ukraine border, a war zone airspace. 

A Berlin Sector senior margii, Vidyananda, and his Malayasian girlfriend, were aboard.

Vidyananda, a strong family person, and his then wife, were an integral part of running the Zonnelicht School, Den Bosch, Holland, an important school in the Gurukula network as they offer teacher training and post-training NHE global programs there.
Our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all the passengers & crew members of this ill-fated flight.


Seminar in Canada at SAJO retreat centre (near Ananda Kanak Master Unit) August 1- 3, 2014
Summer seminar was held near Ananda Kanak Master Unit, Canada from August 1 - 3. The seminar opened with Akhanda Kiirtana on Friday while Margiis and Acaryas were arriving from Toronto, Ottawa and other cities. The main seminar day was on Saturday Aug 2 with participation of 6 acaryas, around 20 Margiis and their children. Total number was close to 35 people.
The seminar was organised by Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. who is based at the Ananda Kanak Master Unit and Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt. Trainer was Acarya Diiptimanananda Avadhuta, who gave class on Prama. Avdk. Ananda Tapomaya Ac. gave class on Ista and Adarsh, and Ac. Parinirvanananda Avt. gave class on Developmental Planning.The three seminar topics were covered with interesting presentations and discussions. Weather was very pleasant and the seminar classes took place outdoors under a pavillion. The seminar was concluded with Akhanda Kiirtana on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
Some of the newly initiated Margiis that attended remarked in the closing ceremony that it had been a very sweet event, full of spiritual vibrations due to the every day Akhanda Kiirtana, and packed with interesting classes and interactions. It was also nice to see good participation of the Margii children that added life and colour to the event.
Compiled by
Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt.
SOS NY Sector and 
RS Ottawa
Thursday 17th of July 2004.
Grand PMSA program in Cuernavaca at the Auditorium Cuernavaca for the promotion of good health for the adolescence, the young people of our society. Young people were benefitted by the introduction of how to keep good health by natural means.
Sister Malati, the wife of Yogendra and mother of Prabhat, Devadiip and Satya was the main organizer of the entire program. She organized some twelve tables/booths to offer free services such as varies medical check ups, like eye test. One table offered a free AIDS-test. There were tables offering information on proper diet, family planning, employment, health insurance, sports and last but not least of course natural treatments through yoga and meditation. Our leaflets and publications were laid out on the tables.
It was a grand success as this program could attract so many young person from various institutions around the city. All in all more than 1000 one thousand young people were benefitted.
Friday 18th of July 2004.
A beautiful RAWA-program was held in Ananda Marga Jagrti at Jesus H. Presiado, St. Anton, Cuernavaca, Mexico. 
A very special and distinguished guest performer was present, an outstanding violin virtuoso ,Sandi Schwartz, who was born in Mexico City but moved out to USA for the study of the violin and she played in various orchestras there throughout her life. Though she has returned to the country of Mexico and is 69 years old now, she is still a member of the Barock Orchestra San Francisco and travels there back and forth.
The program was for two hours. In the first half hour Dada Divyalokeshananda sang Prabhat Samgeet, in the second half hour he played the sitar and in the second hour Sandi Schwartz played several works of the Barock with Dada Divyalokeshananda and one of her students.
30 persons attended the program and were very happy and positive impressed by it.
Greek Pasta Salad
Recipe by Bhaeravii

In Greece, a salad with tomatoes, feta, olives, and cucumber is called a Village Salad. Here it is called Greek Salad. Everyone makes it in the summer out of the garden. I added pasta and oven roasted the sweetest cherry tomatoes with some sea salt, added them (and their juice to the pasta), added a bit of balsamic, some feta, strong black olives, and there it was. An excellent, filling salad that could sit out all day at a buffet. The first “trick” of this pasta is the oven-roasted tomatoes- the juices released while roasted-sweet tomatoes mixed with olive oil and salt. The second trick with this pasta is to use the best quality ingredients you can find: cherry tomatoes, pasta, balsamic, and olives. That little bit of extra effort will go a long way with this recipe. (READ FULL RECIPE)

Published by Ac. Vimalananda Avt. - Sectorial Secretary
Ananda Marga New York Sector
97-38 42nd Ave
Corona, NY 11368
Edited by Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt.
Public Relations Secretary
Ananda Marga New York Sector
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