Crimson Dawn Monthly Newsletter - October 8th - 2011 - Vol. 5 Issue #3

Publshed by Ac. Vimalananda Avt. - Sectorial Secretary 
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Winter Bliss 2012 Conference

Winter Bliss 2011
at Ananda Kanan

 Namaskar, Ananda Kanan warmly invites you to the Winter Bliss Conference 2011. In the midst of our busy world, we need to take some time to focus on our spiritual path. We live in times of major changes and 2012 will surely bring more of the same. This conference will be a time for us to create a tremendous collective flow on the path of enlightenment. Let us move together at Ananda Kanan for 5 days of programs designed to give us a better foundation for our spiritual lives. The interactive program will be an informative, entertaining and blissful flow of satsaunga. Join us and be a part of it.

The Organizing Committee


Grand Reception of Rev. Purodha Pramukha Dadaji in Taiwan - Hong Konk Sector

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Margiis and Acaryas from Taipei and Hsinchu gathered at Taoyuan International Airport around noontime to welcome Rev. Purodha Pramukha Dadaji, A’c. Vishvadevananda Avt. and accompanying Central secretaries. On his arrival Rev. PP Dadaji was greeted with hearty proclamations of “Parama Pita Baba Kii Jay” and garlanded and offered bouquets by workers and margiis.

A convoy of cars moved from the airport in a procession with Rev. PP Dadaji to Ananda Marga Jagrti Taipei, where more margiis were awaiting Dadaji with garlands, flowers and kiirtan.

Rev. PP Dadaji conveyed an inspirational message about the righteous force and Baba’s Grace. He said that our relationship with Baba and His Grace is the most important treasure in our lives. We are very fortunate that Baba has chosen us to realize His Grace, which can only happen by His Wish. After some more kiirtan all shared a special lunch prepared by sister Urmila, brother Cidatma and other margiis. (more on

Retreat and Yoga Conference in Monterrey - Mexico

From September 14 to September 18 in Allende near Monterrey Mexico the Sectorial Conference saw the participation of 30 people interested in the path of spirituality of Ananda Marga. The beautiful setting in Ananda Maya Duhita was conducive for achieving a good flow among old and new people in Ananda Marga. Classes were conducted by mrgi and monks of Ananda Marga who came from several countries in North and Central America. (read more)

From Haiti

Namaskar all !

Besides being one of the most empowerished nations on earth, Haiti is not poor in natural attractions, especially water. The high mountains store and attract water from the clouds, one of the future needs of our planet. The newly formed CASS (Centre des Aventuriers et Sportifs Spirituels) is exploring potential sites that are spiritually uplifting, helping Haitians and others alike learn about historical facts, appreciate a nation that has still kept its independence and get self-confidence by overcoming challenges on the way. Check it all out at

Brotherly yours, Dada Mokseshvarananda

Jyoti's Braised Sesame Kale

Back when Jyoti and Madhusudama had their health food grocery Talley's and store hot bar with prepared food, this was the most requested recipe. The recipe was even featured in the Food Section of Charlotte Observer. That was four years ago, before the kale superfood craze. Kale was one of the most common of homegrown green vegetables in Europe from ancient Greece times. It was an important vegetable in British WW2 victory gardens for its incredibly high nutrition profile and being easy to grow in the winter. Kale even tastes sweeter if it has been hit by some frost. (read more)

Prabhata Samgiita - Song of the New Dawn   -  N. 1103  (18/12/1983)




Dharma is my companion,
Dharma is my life.

I accept and follow Parama Purus'a only
since I am myself but His gift.

Ever since the beginning of my life,
He has remained with me.
He will stay with me until the end of my life.

I move with Him,
without forgetting that my life is His gift.

Wherever you may be in the three worlds,
dance in His glory,
and remain in that state,
always singing of His splendor.



  Good News from New York Sector:


Labor Day weekend in USA, September 2-3, 2011 found our 2 PU workers, CSPU A’c. Shubhacetana’nanda Avt. and FSPU A’c. Advaya’nanda Avt. Invited to teach Yoga/Meditation/Social Philosophy classes to the Ismaili National Boy Scouts (and Girl Guides) Convention/Jamboree on their 25th. Anniversary event held at Camp Wisdom outside Dallas. There were more than 300 youth and staff, organizers, and volunteers who participated in our hourly sessions all day in groups of 30. They expressed appreciation for our teaching that benefited them in body, mind, spirit and character-building. (Slide show of the event can be viewed at

CS and FS participated in the Monterrey, Mexico fall seminar/retreat help at our MU in Allende with PROUT class given by CS, which helped new persons learn about our social philosophy in this critical period of the global economy.

Our PU WTs, with help of WTs and senior Proutist of Delhi Sector organized a live video-conference by Skype for our senior Proutist Professor Ravi Batra and Susmit Kumar at the UPSF (Universal Proutist Student Federation) Convention help recently in Patna, Bihar. More than 500 students and others were enlightened by Dr. Batra’s penetrating analysis of the current global economic crisis based on Shrii Prabha’t Rainjan Sarkar’s Law of Social Cycles; Dr. Batra also inspired the youths to deepen their understanding of PROUT and help to disseminate and materialize it in their local areas at this critical juncture of the collapsing failed socio-economic systems all over the world. He also shared his personal spiritual experiences with BA’BA’, which gave a crowning spiritual-devotional touch to the program.

Our Proutist student and PhD candidate at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Cetana’, submitted two papers on “Tantra Philosophy of A’nanda Ma’rga” and “Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rtijii’s Views on the Bhagavad Giita” towards her PhD degree, which were appreciated by her advisor. (The papers can be viewed at

Regular weekly Yoga/Meditation/Social Philosophy classes continue in the Dallas area in the local colleges and universities, and also at the Addictions Recovery center by our PU WTs, which help students and addicts in their all-round wellness and recovery from crippling addictions. CS also started a new Yoga/Meditation Club at the University of North Texas (UNT) at Denton. Our booths at university club fairs with our literature and flyers were visited by many students.

FS participated at the Indian Independence Day celebrations in Grand Prairie near Dallas where our booth was visited by hundreds of visitors and flyers given out. Good contacts resulted (see above event 1.came from this).
(Submitted by FSPU A’c. Advaya’nanda Avt.)

Dada Dharmapremananda organized a successful pracar tour that touched several cities from East to West of the United States. In all places there were programs that allowed expanding the reach of Ananda Marga with several new initiations and the commitment for the organizers of the programs to involve more people in Ananda Marga activities. Boston, Denver, Topeka in Kansas, Phoenix in Arizona, Columbus in Ohio, Los Altos Hills and New York where among the places visited.
Dada Jiivapremananda was in Los Altos where he performed a House Warming. He was also in Los Angeles before coming to Ananda Kanan in Missouri where he helped organizing for the OACC Retreat, a bioregional and ecological gathering that happen every year at our retreat center.

Didi Ananda Hitaesana organized a Akhanda Kiirtan in the jagrti of New York with the participation of 17 margi . The following da it was Karma Yoga day and next day for the celebration of Prabhat Samgiit around 30 margi came from the whole East coast from Massachussets to Virginia. One sister from Australia got also initiated which is helping Didi to organize several activities in New York area.

Dada Shankarananda dynamism brought him to give several initiation all across the East Coast from New York to Virginia. He distributed leaflets and taught Baba Nam Kevalam in several venues including the Social Security department in Washington DC. By his special presence and instructions margi could get rid of ghosts and other unwanted manifestations. One of his initiated brothers is now coming regularly to the 5 am meditation in the Jagrti of Corona in New York and he is helping him in the activities related to the propagation of the Mission.
Dada Cirananda - From Monterrey - This month on 16th it was the First Anniversary of Centro Cultural - Barrio Antiguo Monterrey ( BAM). This was very big and long program from 16th to 31st of August. In the day of Opening ceremony they invited me together with 14 Different Organization from different parts of the world. There were some Government Officers participating in this opening ceremony and there were several News channel and Reporters. Personally I talked to one of the main officer of the Government and also to some TV channels about AM and the Benefit of Meditation. They have again invited me to teach the Process and the Benefit of the Meditation. This is an ongoing program that is happening every Thursday at 8:30 am with up to 35 participants every time.
This month also I attended one program organized by Dr Billy Martin. It was a spiritual program and there was another program about Green Evolution Farm attended by more than 400 people. There also I talked to many people about Yoga and Meditation of Ananda Marga.

Dada Shantatmananda from Mexico - One month ago Dada Shantatmananda visited Morelia where he gave 3 conferences and inspired many people to practice Meditation. Dada also taught how to be happy by practicing meditation.
Then after Morelia Dada went to Cartazar Near Salamanca where he had a table talk and initiated one person.
and at the Last Dada went to Guadalajara, there also Brother Ravi organized some program and tattva sabha and Dada Initiated 3 people In Guadalajara.

From September 14 to September 18 in Allende near Monterrey Mexico the Sectorial Conference saw the participation of 30 people interested in the path of spirituality of Ananda Marga. The beautiful setting in Ananda Maya Duhita was conducive for achieving a good flow among old and new people in Ananda Marga. Classes were conducted by margi and monks of Ananda Marga who came from several countries in North and Central America.
Dada Shantatmananda presented two spiritual topics that enlightened the minds of the participants. Dada Shubhacetanananda gave a presentation on Prout that aroused a lot of interest on the social crisis of present day and its solution. Dada Vimaleshananda explained the meaning and purport of Tantra which was very helpful for understanding Ananda Marga as a movement for the welfare of all. Special participation was from Morelia and the margi from Monterrey organize the conference with sacrifice and dedication.
Yoga classes had a special attention in this spiritual conference with regular classes given by brother Purusottama and sister Devaki twice a day. Spiritual classes and social topics alternated during the four days of the conference.
At the time where Mexico is facing social crisis and people are often loosing hope for the future, Ananda Marga conferences are a gift of hope for reorienting society in the proper direction putting first the spiritual outlook and the selfless service to all. Monks of Ananda Marga are an example of such an ideal and are always ready to service whenever and wherever it is needed.

Dada Parinirvanananda – I visited several places in Canada where it was possible to teach Baba Nam Kevalam to around 15 people each time. Mostly they were temples which the local pundit offered for our presence and teachings. The also donated me a guitar and this gift has brought a new way to approach people and allow them to get closer to our ideology. During a visit to the Master Unit near Ottawa where Dada Dayashiilananda is recovering I found him doing the peacock posture that is quite a strenuous asanas. I was amazed witnessing his recovery. Dada Dayashilananda explained that suddenly he felt again energy in his left side limbs that were previously paralyzed. Although it is like a miracle it should be mentioned that the margi In Canada never ceased to take care of Dada in all possible way and they are overjoyed for his complete recovery.

Didi Ananda Rupadhara – In Ottawa there are regular yoga classes and in Toronto I organized two vegetarian dinners that allowed also giving initiation to several sisters. I also taught meditation classes and follow up on the new people that have started to come to Dharma Cakra.
Dada Vimaleshananda was touring Mexico before the Conference in Monterrey giving several yoga and meditation classes particularly in Morelia. In the Department of Psychology more than 250 students and faculty assisted to his lecture on Yoga Psychology where all copies of the books got sold out. More details and images on the website

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