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Ananda Kanan celebrated its Summer Spiritual Conference

The week long Summer Spiritual Conference was celebrated at Ananda Kanan with participants arriving from different parts of New York Sector and the world. Ananda Kanan welcomed them with a fantastic good weather and a pleasant atmosphere. Margi kept coming till the last day of the retreat as everybody made a special effort in order to be present. As in all gatherings of Ananda Marga there is a special magical wave that permeates and transpire in everything. The pond covered by lotus flowers, the new patio welcoming its first program at the time of the evening story telling, the inspiring talks of Margi and Acaryas remembering Baba, the programs that worked all very well including the most innovative like the speech competition which saw several wonderful competitors challenging on a five minutes live talk. All worked very hard for the success of this event and everybody showed appreciation and happiness to be part of it. (read more)

AMURT Team in Uttarkhand, India

AMURT Team is now moving with relief materials in remote villages of the Uttarkhand. Ac. Raviprakashanand Avadhuta, Sectorial coordinator with 8 volunteers is based since 24/06/2013 in Bashu Kedar and distributing food and clothes including torches to affected people and prepared list of the needy families. One more truck loaded with relief materials donated by AMURT Unit Delhi has reached Bashu Kedar on 06-07-2013 headed by Satyashrayanand Avadhuta Sectorial AMURT Secretary Delhi alongwith Ac. Devakripananda Avadhuta (RS) Allahabad, Dhanjayananda Avadhuta (DS) based in Haridwar, Sri Chakradhar Shastri Haridwar and Sri Shankar Dev from Haridwar, distributed 147 family kits consisting of rice, pulse, Atta, sugar, tea, cooking oil, cooking utensils, mattresses, blankets, buckets and mugs near Rudrapayag. (read more)
"AMURT has played a key role in this tough time of uttrakhand .every bodey is praising our effort since i am from hardwar I am seeing, Sh CHAKRADHAR SHASTRI ji putting their maximum effort in collecting cloths food item medicine and in HARDWAR people they have supported him openly. He has done marvlous job inspite of his bad health. My BABA bless him and his team" Jay Thapliyal

Natural Health: Understanding Your Own Body by Bhaeravii

True wellness is about understanding oneself and one’s own body—and, through this knowledge, one develops a practice of self-care to maintain a state of well-being. Finding wellness is the exploration of what works and doesn’t work for you. Wellness is not simply an individual’s choice, because we live in community, so we need to have greater social wellness awareness that radiates out into society as well. (read more)

Good News from New York Sector – July 15 2013

1. Atlanta Region: Dada Shubhacetanananda was visiting Wilmington, NC where he initiated one brother and had two meetings with 8 people attending. SS Dada Vimalananda had a seminar program in Asheville Master Unit with 15 margiis attending.
2. Boston Region: Akhanda Kiirtan is organized every month in New York jagrti by the initiative of Dada Iishvarakrsnananda. This month 10 margiis attended and Dada Diiptimananda was introduced as the new Regional Secretary for Boston Region.  (read more)

Ananda Dham – Peach Farm ravaged by wild fires

On Memorial Day weekend in the White Rock camping area in the Los Padres National Forest, a viscous wild fire blaze broke out. The fire moved fast due to high wind gusts, high temperatures, and the seasonal tinder-dry vegetation. It was dubbed the White Fire. More than 6,000 campers and 4,000 residents were ordered to evacuate before the fire changed course and headed southeast threatening a number of small commercial properties and dozens of rural homes. Santa Barbara and neighboring residential communities sitting on the other side of the coastal range, which rises quickly from near the Pacific shoreline to peaks topping 3,000 feet, were even on alert. Hiway 154 was closed while over 600 firefighters worked for a full week to control the inferno.
Ananda Dham, the Peach Farm MU, was in the direct path of and ravaged by the fire. (read more)
Dada Diiptimanananda joins New York Sector as RS Boston Region

"While working in Taiwan, I was mostly staying at our Sectorial Master Unit Ananda Suruchi and Tainan jagrti. Tattvika Priyadarshi and his wife Madhavii came forward to establish regular fasting camps at the Master Unit and I assisted with the camps during those years." (read more) 

Recipe of the Month: 
Indian-Style Carrots
With Mustard Seeds

Inspired by a recipe in Julie Sahni's Indian Regional Classics (Ten Speed Press, 2001), these carrots are stewed long enough to concentrate their sweetness with the flavors of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and chiles to provide warm and earthy notes. (read more)

Prabhat Samgiita N. 1599 (05/07/1984) K

Who came into the corner of my mind?

You came silently and sat down silently.
You lit up my extinguished lamp.

Who am I thinking of day and night?
It is You that I have wanted.

After a long time in a lonely forest,
Your laughter was as effulgent as a diamond,

and yet, You remain an unknown traveller.

Who does not know the joy of a moonlit night and the beauty of a stream?

You sweetly delighted and vibrated my mind and made me extremely happy.

Baba's Birthday Celebration in Denver

"Páshabaddho Bhavejjiivah páshmukto bhavecchivah"

“An individual enmeshed in the snare of Máyá is called ‘jiiva’ or ‘microcosm’. And a person who is free from the fetters of Máyá becomes one with Shiva.”

It is the nature of jiivas to live in bondage. However, the one endowed with ​cosmic grace gets liberation from these bondages by dint of sádhaná, and attains oneness with that Supreme Entity (Shiva). There is only one fundamental difference between Shiva and jiiva (Supreme Entity and unit entity): Shiva is free from bondage whereas jiiva is chained by the shackles of bondage. Who wants to live in bondage? No-one. 
Everyone wants to attain freedom, to be liberated from all sorts of bondages. Human beings can be liberated from certain bondages temporarily, but after a while those bondages will again return. This situation can be compared to a bird which is released from its cage and allowed to fly around a large room for a while, but after sometime is again confined to the same cage. - - Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

(Published in: Ãnanda Vacanámrtam Part 4)            (read more)

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