We enjoy exchanging gifts from own people on Birth days. With that on mind, a devotee also ponders what personal gift to offer to Baba on His Birth day?  It’s an individual affair because each soul has a kind of special relationship with the Lord that cannot be expressed in words. This love gets represented, to some extent, in the form of gifts. But what gift can one give to Parama Purusa who owns the entire creation. Actually, it’s all His. Unit entity owns merely its Samskaras, the dirt that our soul wants to get rid of. But then, how to give such a gift to someone so dearly to own Soul, to Parama Purusa? This dilemma remains for the devotee purely a personal matter to contemplate. No Comments could be appropriate.

May the ensuing New Ananda Vars’a (Year of the Ananda Era) bring fruition to the sincere endeavors of all His children in glorifying His Great Mission of Dharma! May Baba bless us all individually and collectively with His caring GRACE!


Wishing a very sweet and blissful Ananda Purnima, 2013 to all,

Brotherly Yours’
At His Lotus Feet, 
Acharya Vimalananda Avadhuta,
Sectorial Secretary,
Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, 
New York Sector.

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Spiritual Summer Conference at Ananda Kanan.

Visit Crimson Dawn for the PDF version of the invitation flier. See you in Ananda Kanan!
“I try not to miss the chance to attend retreats at Ananda Kanan. It energizes me and keeps me going spiritually for the next few months. What stays with me is a feeling of inner peace and love. "  - Sudhiira, 2012 participant

We are experiencing powerful changes happening all around. With that, we are increasingly becoming aware about the urge to realize our full potential as humans and desire to improve the quality of life. We are striving to find inner strengths of the mind, where imperishable knowledge, hope and love reside. We realize further that spirituality is the core of our existence.

"Spirituality in a New Era" is the theme of this year’s Summer Spiritual Conference at Ananda Kanan. Ananda Marga, New York Sector invites you to join this event with friends and family. It is an opportunity to rejoice and enjoy the blissful atmosphere and flow with the spiritual programs. Let us take this opportunity to propel ourselves forward with inspiration and renewed momentum.

Programs are designed for those who came in contact with spiritual lifestyle newly and would like to deepen their understanding about practices and those who already have been practicing and wish to refresh their inspiration. Special attention is given to child care and youth activities.

-The Organizing Team
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