Mysticism and Spirituality

by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji

Those who have established themselves in their spiritual being through the practice of spiritual cult are the real human beings. Others, who do not move on the subtler and sublime path of spirituality, and behave like animals, are humans only in name. Human beings alone have the privilege to do sádhaná (meditation). Animals, because of their intellectual deficiencies, are unable to adhere to the spiritual cult.


Colorado Court of Appeals RULES IN FAVOR of Defendants/Intervenor

2014-04-10 - Less than eight-days from the hearing of the parties before the three-judge panel of the Colorado Court of Appeals (at the University of Denver, 4pm on April 2nd), the court ruled to affirm the judgment of the Denver District Court (Honorable Michael A. Martinez, Judge) from May 16, 2011.

Link to the memorandum of Appeals Court.

The court of appeals asked to hear from both parties in the case. They chose to conduct the public hearing at the University of Denver Department of Law for the benefit of the school's law students.

The university supplies a link  with the two hearings on it. The related hearing ends at approximately the 50-minute point, following a student/attorney Q&A session.

Here is the public release statement issued today, the date of the appeal court affirmation ruling.

Click for downloading the Flyer Image (front) and Flyer Image (back)

Group photo after the Akhanda Kiirtan that is regularly held in New York Jagrti every first Sunday of the month. In the picture from the left Naveen, Dada Vimaleshananda, Sajuja, Visnumaya, Dada Shankarananda, Viniita, Bob, Visnu and Dada Diiptimanananda.

Annual Ananda Marga Seminar
near Cuernavaca, Mexico

April 17, 18, 20, 2014

Tel: 01(777)3100604
Nextel: 01 (777) 2881621
Cel.: 044 777 3045028/ 777 3896245

Address: calle Pinos #97
Col. Lomas de Tzompantle.

Costs in Mexican Pesos :
Adults: $750.00
Students, Teachers and Seniors $600.00
Children 6-17 years $375.00
Children less than 5 years GRATIS

Cuernavaca is easy to reach by bus directly from Airport of Mexico City.

Mangal Bihari ji passed away. He was a very senior member of Ananda Marga. He was purna kalika bandhu. He was one of the top Government officials of India. He was from Rajasthan, India. He did lot of service work for society. Few years ago he attended Ananda Kanan(USA) retreat. He was loved and respected by all. I am saddened for his sudden departure.

Dada Iishvarakrsnananda
We are sad to inform you that Ac. Akhouri Himachal Prasad from Hazaribag near Ranchi left this world on Tuesday April 8 early morning around 4 am. He was in Police services and retired as DIG (Deputy Inspector General of Police) - a very high rank, He was around 90 years and was a great devotee of Baba. May His soul get seat in His lap. Our heartfelt condolence We express our heartfelt condolences.he had always been a great help to Baba's mission and even at this age he was supporting young margiis and margii youths morally and financially hundreds of young people joined the funeral procession in Hazaribagh, his home town where he breathed his last.
Meeting with Parliament Member(Mr. David Tilson) in Orangeville Area, Ontario, Canada. From the left Dada Dayashiilananda , Mr. Tilson, and Dada Parinirvanananda on the right. Dada Parinirvananda is also conducting regular yoga classes for kids. Regular Mass feeding in Downtown Toronto, Every Sunday after 3PM.
University Pracar in Ottawa

During the Spring 2014 Semester Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Clubs were established in University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Dada Dayashiilananda and Dada Diiptimanananda were giving four yoga and meditation classes at the universities every week and also started collective meditation on Saturday afternoons at the Ottawa Ananda Marga Center. Some of the students have started to do regular meditation and are actively helping to run and promote the university clubs. May 2, 3, and 4, we will have our Spring Retreat in Ananda Kanak Master Unit. It will be a small retreat for the newly initiated students and other friends and Margiis.

Dada Diiptimanananda
Ananda Marga Center at 61 Fairmont Avenue, Ottawa. This winter we were having our activities in the basement of the house but hopefully by next winter we will use the basement for residence and have the room with those beautiful windows beside the entrance door for class room and Dharma Cakra Hall.
Birdman project with AMURT Canada

Sister Iishvari is still in the Philippines providing support to children and families affected by super typhoon Haiyan. She is visiting various schools and with Didi’s help they are leading students in therapeutic storytelling through puppetry workshops where kids learn to build puppets and tell their stories. As an icebreaker, she and narrator puppet Ernesto the rooster, perform a puppet show presented out of her suitcase puppet theatre. It is based on a storybook about loss and recovery called The Birdman. (continue)
Dada Unmantrananda is fully engaged in Lebanon. Relief work in ongoing: 2,000 beneficiaries with food and winter items. But the service work does end in the material relief. Dada is also engaged in forming an Eco Village where the mental relief is more prominent and nurtured. See the facebook page
Images refer to Syrian refugee children attending Mazraa school, with support from the KNH Back to School program. CFS Training for AMURT staff and community volunteers includes activities to aid trauma recovery. Large families are spread across mountainous terrain, often living in temporary structures. Around 60% of these children are out of school and in urgent need of an alternative.
Ac. Divyalokeshananda Avt. was celebrated as a special honorable guest to be presented with a special performance of the "Concierto Sinfonico" of Symphonia Cuernavaca/Mexico on 19th of March 2014.
The daily news paper of Cuernavaca " Diario De Morelos" printed the photograph of Ac. Divyalokeshananda Avt. together on the photo with honorable local citizen of Cuernavaca, namely Luis Ocha and Maggie Parson.
Dada Muktatmananda reports from Los Angeles: Every Thursday we participate on the EFAP federal program, this means emergency food assistance program, for low income families, the number of people attending varies week to week, depending on the salary or pay day, but we have at least 70 families represented to a 100, we give out can foods, fresh veggies and fruits, and various groceries, donated by corporations and the USDA.
Fridays we give food to Senior citizens numbering to over a 100 to max 130, we give them lots of yoghurt, assorted produce and groceries plus bread and pastries.
Sunday is the homeless day, we give the homeless breakfast consisting of hot porridge, pastries, fruits, yoghurt, juices, snacks, water, milk, and a variety of dried fruits and nuts based on availability.
The homeless this week has come in 150 plus numbers, the line was long, and longer than usual.
The people will come for second and third time on the line for more food, and we were able to give them 200 kgs of yoghurt in one kg bags, which they appreciated very much.
So we are averaging 2000 people a month, when we add family members benefiting from our food distribution.
We have fund raised for a new shed and refrigerator and an industrial refrigerator has been donated.

In the picture Dada Muktatmananda with his AMURT/AMURTEL Team
Dada Visnupremananda is regularly distributing food to children. Recently the initiative called "Let us eat together" has been covered on the national television. The video is available for seeing on facebook.
"We are grateful for the support of Diana Montejano and Hermes Fernandez for adopting and fulfilling the necessities of a disable person offering wheel chair as a gift." This is how it reads from the facebook page dedicated to ANVRIDN - National Association for the integral support to disable people.
Brother Phanindra is continuously active supporting the disable community in Monterrey Mexico. Several Margiis and Acaryas support his relentless service benefiting so many people in the community.
Dada Ragatmananda,  Gitanjali, one margii and 5 sympathizers were invited to have a special program in a cement company building owned by the city government. About 320 people attended and learned Ba´ba´ Nam Kevalam. They meditated performed the spiritual dances Tandava and Kaoshiki. The program was followed by a talk about spirituality and health given by Gitanjali.
After a free health care clinic and medicine distribution was attended by 45 people. There was Ba´ba´ Nam Kevalam music during treatments and Dada Ragatmananda accompanied with the flute. Gitanjali gave physical therapy with the help of 4 sympathizers. In the same company one day before 3 people had lost their life in a work accident.  The program resulted also in a necessary relieving time after the sad event.
Didi Kusum in Mexico: Organized a WWD social service activity at a Women’s Jail in Cuernavaca. The project is lasting for 6 months and Margii Sisters will give classes about Yoga and Meditation, vegetarian diet, moral codes of discipline, yogic life style, etc.
Service at Cuernavaca poor area for kids on the day of the Kings (Catholic Ceremony): 85 kids plus families benefited. We organized a show for entertain the kids. Games, toys, sweets and hot beverages were donated to the kids.
Last December, Ananda Marga Mexico and AMURTEL Mexico with Didi Kusum organized a Mass feeding activity for 200 children of Cuernavaca after DC. It was a fantastic success and over 700 potato tacos, known as tortillas dorados, were prepared by Didi Kusum and her staff of volunteers.
Potato tacos? It turns out simple mashed potato tacos are a beloved food in Mexico to eat out of hand. Tortillas are filled with smashed potatoes then fried in oil. How delicious is that? Didi's tacos were rolled up for easy handling and eating, but you can also simply fold over the tortilla and make it in the half moon shape. The leftovers were donated to the community.

Potato Tacos (Tortillas Dorados)

Monthly Recipe by Bhaeravii

Makes 12 tacos 
5 large russet potatoes, peeled and chopped
About 1/4 cup milk
1/2 to 1 cup minced cilantro
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
1 (12 ounce) package fresh corn tortillas
  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add potatoes and cook until tender, about 15 minutes.
  2. Drain the potatoes and transfer to a large bowl. Pour in the milk and mash until smooth. Stir in the cilantro and cheese; mix well. Spoon 2 heaping tablespoons of potato mixture into the center of each tortilla and fold in half; secure with a toothpick.
  3. In a large skillet add enough cooking oil to reach 1 inch in depth and heat over medium-high heat. Fry tortillas until crispy. Eat hot.

O Lotus, I came up like a thorn in your stem. With momentum, the flood came down,  intoxicating me with strong upsurge of emotions. I was down in the pond, amidst muddy  water. By holding you on the head, I forgot all pains. In life numerous blows and counter  blows come. In order that You are not torn, I keep You lifted upwards.
Prabhat Samgiita N. 237



O Lord, come,
come with an illuminating torch.

Remove all my defects
and dissolve my entire ego.

If You want,
anything becomes possible in this world.
If you wish,
a river can flow in the desert
keep on dwelling in my dry desert mind.

If You want, a lotus can bloom on a rock,
and the night will become illuminated.

O Lord, continue smiling,
and make me forget all my pain.
Happiness by Anusha & Garima

It’s the harp of nature
the heart of light,
a peaceful lotus
the pearl of sight.

In its intriguing flame
it glows with wisdom,
with nectar waves
it rules its kingdom.

With a heart of sweet honey,
and jeweled smile
a trip to now is worthwhile.

Anusha and Garima Prabhakar are respectively 8 and 10 years old. They live in Shrewnsbury, Massachusetts, USA, North America, Earth, Milky-way, Universe. Garima keeps a blog at where she posts her favorite personal poems
A nice happy day in Central Park - New York is drawing everybody closer. In the picture a group of students from North Carolina get familiar with Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt.
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