Crimson Dawn Newsletter - January 16th - 2013. - Vol. 7

Published by Ac. Vimalananda Avt. - Sectorial Secretary
Ananda Marga New York Sector
97-38 42nd Ave
Corona, NY 11368
The world didn't end yet and the new year has dawned, the old has set
and already settled back into the past so what choice have we but to go on?
This might be a good time to reassess and recommit to those things
we have found most important while squeezing out those tendencies
that work to our detriment. We know precisely what these two poles are.

The Mayan calender coming to an end may mean only that Maya itself,
the physical manifestation, has ended leaving only a spiritual essence left
to slough off the twin samskaras of desire and regret the way the incorporeal
emerges from the corporeal until only peace is left.

The New Year has been witnessing a flow of activities coming up in New York Jagrti in Corona. The Sectorial Office had a facelift and the basement is now ready to host Yoga classes and other events. The website promises to carry more and more attention to Ananda Marga in New York.

Among the talents that we have discovered among the margi of New York we find the art of preparing and displaying food. Following are some recipes jotted down b our master chefs:
Tofu on a Tiny Green Island

This is an original recipe from Viniita's kitchen which has an oriental touch. Try served on the rice or as a side dish.

1 pack Tofu
small piece of Ginger
bunch of Collard greens
3 sheet of sea weeds
coconut milk
a little pinch of turmeric
some salt to taste.
Slice tofu into 2 by 1 inch thick wrap with sea weed the same measurement of a tofu.
Slice thinly a ginger
Cut collard greens in about 2 inches long
Sauteed ginger, salt, turmeric and collard greens add 1 glass of water to boil until collard greens is ready.
Add coconut milk and the tofu wrap with sea weeds simmer all together until 5 mins.
Fried a little bit the tofu with sea weeds if you like this is only optional.
Happy eating!

Spicy Guacamole

1 Avocado
3 table spoons of Cream Cheese
1 table spoon of Soy Sauce
1 Tomato
1 table spoon of Chilly Sauce
1 small cane of Chick Peas

It is very simple to prepare it. Just put all ingredients in the mixer and blend it. Try it with corn bread and salad.
Exploration of Firm Determination by Sister Nirainjana       

A quote by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji that resonates deeply within me is the following: "Knowingly or unknowingly, every human being is born with a thirst for limitlessness." He also said our spiritual path is the never ending effort to find the link between the finite and the infinite. In this world with so many glitters, glamor and attractions, our primary duty is to make a constant effort to find this link in our daily sadhana and service. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti asks us to continue to find this link even when we are experiencing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clash. He asks us to surrender our little "I" feeling to the Great and to offer up the fruits of our sadhana and service to the Cosmos, to do our duty as perfectly as possible while surrendering the end results of our work, no matter how much effort, time and resources we have put into our project. Everything in the mainstream culture around us sends constant messaging contrary to this Ananda Marga value, but part and parcel of our firm determination is to maintain our equilibrium in all spheres of life and to continually help build up a spiritual culture with others that is creating a powerful vibration as we enter 2013.
Dear All Namaskar!
Wish you all happy new year 2013. The wonderful blankets distribution program was held in AMURT Bhavan complex on new years day 01-01-2013. It was a really wonderful function in which more than 850 blankets were distributed amongst the poor tribal people gathered from 52 villages around Anandanagar.
Mr. Nepal Mahato ( MLA), Sri K.S. Mukharree DCS Railway western, Pradhan of Ropo Grampunchayat and may Margii brothers and sisters including Dadas and Didis from India and oversees took part in this program. I am sending some photographs taken on this occasion

Acarya Ramananda Avadhuta
Central AMURT Secretary
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