Buddy Roemer for President

Dear Friends,

It has been a busy week and it is not slowing down. Buddy was in NYC at Occupy Wall Street on Tuesday. He went to listen and to support those who are fed up with Wall Street greed and corrpution. He didn't agree with everybody on everything, but he felt it important to have gone to listen. 

We Need Help!

- We need lawyers ASAP. If anyone is a lawyer and would like to help out have them please email William Pierce so we can get a list together.

PHONES- We need volunteers and supporters to call into New Hampshire to help spread Buddy's message (call from anywhere in US)- William Pierce
EVENTS- We need events for Buddy to attend and visit in NH and the other early primary states. Send them my way! - William Pierce 
State Coordinators - We still have many states that need State Coordinators. This is an awesome way to get involved in the campaign and work directly with the national staff and the Governor! - Michael Trufant
Social Media - We need everyone to Tweet + Facebook reguarly about Buddy. Social Media is huge for us and we need to keep it going! (Tweet cheat sheet)
Regular Media - We need more people sending in their media contacts for Buddy to go on TV, Radio, Print, etc  - William Pierce
Please go to to volunteer. Make sure you join your "state" group when you sign on.

Thank you so much! More to come. And now more than ever, we need Buddy in the White House!

Michael  Trufant
Director of Volunteers


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