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 This Can't Be Duplicated
New Series At First Watch Plus Man Party

We begin a new series at First Watch based off your feedback.  When the team leaders met last year to provide input into the direction of men's ministry, they voiced a desire to camp out on the five rhythms of a missionary disciple as outlined in Foundation.  They suggested that Foundation is fantastic but it goes so quickly.  They wanted to not only revisit each of the rhythms but to gain insight from other men as to how they are practically putting the rhythms into practice.

Starting tomorrow we will be revisiting the spiritual rhythm of scripture.  The following week we'll be inviting several men to have a conversation around how they are practically incorporating scripture into their daily life.  The hope is you'll walk away with a few new ideas that will work for you and energize your time in the Word.

What can't be duplicated is the  2019 Winter Man Party.  It will be Friday evening March 1, at 6:30, in The Commons at IBC.  Bring your own steak or whatever you want to eat and cook it the way you like it on the grills we will provide.  Move inside to the potato bar and add whatever makes you happy to the baked potato we provide.  Grab a seat and after a bit we will worship with Jason Elwell and the band.  We will then  continue the conversation about Five Truths That Lead To Freedom.  Really cool stuff.

Following all this we'll head outside where there will be fire pits to hang out around.  Tables will be inside for those who want to play card or board games.  

Robert Vandertulip has graciously agreed to drive his huge tractor to the parking lot and everyone who has always wanted to drive one of the big rigs will get their chance.  Where else can you do that?  Eric Brittingham will also have some wild varmits for us to pet or hold.  

Around 10:30 grills get fired back up and brats are thrown on.  About the same time hot chocolate chip cookies will come out of the oven.   It doesn't get much better!

I hope you'll join us for a time to refocus and connect.  The cost is $15 if you register or $20 at the door.  To register simply click here.  

In the mean time I hope you'll join us at First Watch tomorrow morning.  First Watch is every Friday at 6:22 AM in the Commons at Irving Bible Church.  

First Watch is honest conversation, hot coffee, fresh donuts and bananas. 


Coming Events

Man Party
Be part of this unforgettable night as you relax, recenter and connect with a few other men and God.

Mark you calendar for Friday, March 1 at 6:30 PM in The Commons at IBC.   The cost will be $15 if you register or $20 at the door.  Click here to register.

Holy Smoke

The next Holy Smoke will be Tuesday, March 12, at 9:00 PM.  Men in their 20's and 30's talking about stuff that matters.  Cigars may or may not be consumed. Location TBD.

First Watch Replay
For those who can't make it on Friday mornings.  6:30 on Tuesday evenings is a video of the Friday session plus great discussion.  For more information email

For The Road...   
Mom had just returned from shopping and was surveying the ghastly scene in the den. The family computer had been totally smashed into a dozen pieces.

"What happened to the PC?" she asked of her 14 year old son.

"That was dad's doing," he replied. "As usual he couldn't get it to do what he wanted. I told him to reboot it. That's exactly what he did."


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