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Tomorrow, March 1, is our Winter Man Party.  It's a men's event that just can't be duplicated.  Bring your own protein and grill it yourself, build your own baked potato, engage in conversation about stuff that matters, hang out around fire pits, laugh and just relax.  It's a night to join other men and refresh and refocus.  

If you register today, you will pay $15 for the event.  If you wait to pay at the door the charge will be $20.  For more information and to register please click here.

Tomorrow morning at First Watch we are trying something new.  We'll have a "fishbowl" experience where four men will sit on a small stage in the middle of the room.  They will have a conversation around one of the 5 rhythms of a missionary disciple; scripture.  This is a nuts and bolts conversation about what works and doesn't work for them.  The idea is that new ideas will be generated so you might try something different/better in how you engage with scripture.  It's all very practical stuff you can put to use immediately and recognize spiritual growth.

First Watch is every Friday at 6:22 AM in the Commons at Irving Bible Church.  

First Watch is honest conversation, hot coffee, fresh donuts and bananas. 


Coming Events

Man Party
Be part of this unforgettable night as you relax, recenter and connect with a few other men and God.

Mark you calendar for Friday, March 1 at 6:30 PM in The Commons at IBC.   The cost will be $15 if you register or $20 at the door.  Click here to register.

Holy Smoke

The next Holy Smoke will be Tuesday, March 12, at 9:00 PM.  Men in their 20's and 30's talking about stuff that matters.  Cigars may or may not be consumed. Meet at Dave Dendy's back yard, 310 Copperstone Trail in Coppell.

First Watch Replay
For those who can't make it on Friday mornings.  6:30 on Tuesday evenings is a video of the Friday session plus great discussion.  For more information email

For The Road...   

I told my boss that three companies were after me, so I needed a raise in pay to stay with the current job. 

He asked which companies? 

I told him gas, electric, and cable.

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