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Feb 4, 2014
Message from Mishkin Berteig: Scrum and Love
Coaching Corner: The Value of Reflecting on our Past
Scrum Team Assessment Announcements
Upcoming Training

Mishkin's Message

Scrum and Love

February.  The deep of winter here in the northern hemisphere.  Valentines Day. Love.  I mentioned love a while ago in relation to our coaching work.  Recently, I've started to talk about love in the CSM and CSPO courses that I do.  It's really quite liberating: people in the courses appreciate the importance of love in creating high-performance teams.  The question is: is love an outcome or is it a pre-condition?  I think it's both.  Everyone has the capacity to love others.  We just don't exercise it that often in our work environments.  Scrum helps us with that exercise.  Scrum, then, is just a pressure-cooker, a catalyst, a prod, to get people into a condition where they start loving each other.  As that love grows among the members of the team, they start working more effectively.  That makes Scrum easier.  Scrum and Love become the hallmarks of a virtuous cycle of team development.  Love manifests itself in many ways: in the care we take when we listen... and when we disagree... with others on our team; in the time we spend with our team mates outside of work; in the support we give each other as we encounter various challenges and tests; and, of course, in the relationships that last past the end of the last Sprint after the team members go their separate ways.

Scrum is not the only catalyst of love, but it can be one of the most effective in work environments.  Scrum is structured to push a team and an organization in ways that are unusual.  Scrum puts all the team members in a mutual relationship where dependence upon one another is open, visible, and sometimes quite uncomfortable.

When I teach my CSM and CSPO classes, I try to provide examples of how love fits into the work of a team in a practical way.  With many of our clients we have had some great experiences with love: with the personal relationships we create with people, and observing the amazing things that happen within the teams we are working with.  Love is powerful.  As coaches, seeing love in these work environments is a great encouragement.  Love gives hope.  Even in the depth of winter!  â¤ï¸ â¤ï¸ â¤ï¸ 

Other News

Early and mid-winter are always a bit slow for us so we've got some great deals for you down below. Please check them out and if they are of interest, seize the opportunity!

Welcome to our new Office Manager: Melanie Andersen Some of you may already have heard of Melanie: she is one of the founding and current business partners of Berteig Consulting. Up until recently, she has been mostly working in the background concerned with our finance and strategy. However, due to a string of challenges with keeping our office organized, she has graciously taken on part-time duties as office manager for our London office! We are all greatly relieved that she will be helping out with her incredible attention to detail, problem-solving skills and, of course, as a partner, her ability to coordinate everything with the big picture!

The Value of Reflecting on our Past

by James Heidema

Many organizations hear about Scrum and then enthusiastically begin the process of launching and adopting it. As they adopt Scrum they usually see some improvement in productivity and even some immediate results within their teams.  Unfortunately during the process they seldom take time to truly reflect on how well they are using Scrum or to learn how to make improvements.  As new users of Scrum, often they are unaware what is required to move from average results to dramatic results.

Actress Lily Tomlin said "Maybe if people started to listen, history would stop repeating itself."

Another way to say this is if we look back at our history we can reinforce good behaviours and avoid problems in the future. 

We at Berteig Consulting agree with Mr. Warren that there is value in assessing our past performance, therefore we developed a Scrum Team Assessment tool. The Scrum Team Assessment tool assists individuals and teams to better understand themselves, how they work and allows them to dramatically improve in the future. The Scrum Team Assessment is a comprehensive process to review the past, identifying those things that are working well and then suggest those things that could be changed in the future. Let's learn from our history rather than be adversely effected by it.

Scrum Team Assessment Announcements

For all you loyal newsletter readers, we have three announcements for bundles where you can get the Scrum Team Assessment and other services at a reduced combined rate.  All three bundles are only available during the month of February, and only to subscribers to our newsletter - happy you!

Scrum Team Assessment + Telephone Coaching

(Awesome Deal)

This deal gives you the Scrum Team Assessment at its regular price plus three fantastic extras:

  1. 20% discount on training for one member of your team (up to $320 value).
  2. Free 1 hour phone coaching session delivered by Mishkin Berteig, Travis Birch or Paul Heidema ($300+ value).
  3. Free book shipped to you based on the current challenges/gaps of your team (up to $100 value).

To use this deal, simply register on the Scrum Team Assessment website, then follow up with us by email ( to let us know that you heard about this deal here.  Once your team has received its report, we will provide you with a coupon code for the training (either CSM or CSPO), schedule an hour coaching session with you, and get your shipping address to send you your free book.

Scrum Team Assessment + Scrum Training

(Amazing Deal)

Our public Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner training sessions have been extremely popular - with good reason! Now, we would like to give you the chance to get the Scrum Team Assessment with this training at only a very small additional cost.

  1. Certified ScrumMaster: Normally $1400/person => now you can choose to add just $100 and get the Scrum Team Assessment bundled in! Combined price: $1500/person.  Purchase this option here!!!
  2. Certified Scrum Product Owner: Normally $1600/person => just $100 more to get the Scrum Team Assessment as part of the training package! Combined price: $1700/person.  Purchase this option here!!!

For both CSM and CSPO, you simply purchase a coupon for the total amount and then as a second step, after purchase is complete, you register for the appropriate course.  NOTE: this deal is only available to the first ten people who register for a CSM and the first 5 people who register for a CSPO!  Sign up now!

Scrum Team Assessment + Expert ScrumMaster for a Month

(Killer Deal!!!!!!!!!)

Since February is slow, two of our best coaches are between gigs: Paul Heidema and Travis Birch - and they're ready to help you out!  You can hire one of them as an expert ScrumMaster / coach for exactly sixteen days of support used over the course of a maximum of five (5) weeks.  And, to really sweeten the deal, we will include two uses of the Scrum Team Assessment (once at the start of the five weeks, and once at the end) so that you can see just how much your team progresses with the help of an Expert ScrumMaster!

With our existing pipeline, we expect that they will both be busy by mid to late March, so get them while you can!

So just how good is this deal? Well, we know they won't be working with clients for several weeks so we want them to help you (and earn us a little revenue - are we being too honest here?). We are willing to help you and your team for such a low price we can't possibly publish it. Please contact us to ask for an Expert ScrumMaster for a Month! (But you need to act quickly so we can get them helping you before their schedule fills!)

Upcoming Training:

CSM: Certified ScrumMaster
CSPO: Certified Scrum Product Owner


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