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17 May 2012

Carbon Arts hits Sydney! 

This autumn Carbon Arts is in love with Sydney. We've just spent a week at the Rocks running our ElectriCITY Sparks program of events, inspiring the carbon conscious creative in all of us to save energy. Films, an exhibition, panel session, gadget demo maker workshop engaged audiences at the Rocks Windmill pop-up in collaboration with Media Lab Melbourne. 

Sensing Sydney, an innovative new project we're running with the City of Sydney, kicks off in a big way next month with a City Data Slam and launch as part of ISEA2013. Twelve leading data artists will be working in teams with up to ten registered ISEA2103 participants to bring data alive in ways that inspire further action on Sydney's sustainability goals. Join us on the 16th of June at 3pm at the Object Gallery for presentations and the announcement of the winner of the Sensing Sydney public art commission.

And that wonderful festival of lights, Vivid Sydney, is also hosting a festival of ideas. Come and see Carbon Arts on the 4th of June at the MCA for Data is Beautiful. Jonathan Harris will be presenting his very cool project We Feel Fine, which measures the emotional temperature of the human world through blog analysis, and we'll be chiming in on how beautiful data can also inspire beautiful actions towards the non-human world. 


Sensing Sydney commission deadline extended

The deadline for Sensing Sydney public art commission proposals has been extended to 22 May

Sensing Sydney: communicating sustainability through the arts, open data and public space, is a City of Sydney and Carbon Arts project which aims to bring historic and real time data alive in ways that celebrate our collective efforts to address environmental challenges.

For the commission we are interested in generating pathways for engaging the public in an active dialogue on environmental issues and citizen-engaged action. The work will be presented as part of Art & About Sydney 2013 from Friday 20 September to Sunday 20 October 2013.

To download the application form, go the project page. Any questions, please contact

Every one, Every day by kuuki, artists' render

Visualising energy and climate at Vivid Sydney

Be sure to check out Every one, Every day at Walsh Bay during the Vivid Festival of Lights, opening in Sydney on 24 May. This dynamic and data-driven sculptural work by artists Priscilla Bracks and Gavin Sade (of kuuki), takes the form of a cube which is sized to be roughly equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas produced by, yep, every one of us, every single day. Made from recycled plastic supplied by Visy (and returned to Visy at the end of the festival), the temporary installation is animated by an internal LED-lit sphere which responds to energy data from the Australian Energy Market. It will glow most strongly when the energy grid is experiencing peak load. Every one, Every day reminds us of our impact on the planet and gives us pause to reflect on our energy future.