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19 September 2013

Join us for Building Run launch

Launching at this Friday 20 September, Art & About Sydney will feature Building Run, a new work by video artist Keith Deverell that gives us a playful and sporting take on the energy performance of green buildings. A short, 1.5 minute video about the making of the project describes Deverell's collaboration with Carbon Arts and The City of Sydney to showcase the role of artists in addressing sustainability. 

Join us this Friday to celebrate the launch of all the public artworks featured in Art & About Sydney 2013 with the festival's opening night party - Friday night Live. Festivities will kick off at 5pm in Martin Place in Sydney's CBD, with live DJs and a free vintage bus tour of all the public artworks on display. And be sure to check out the Building Run athletes hard at work at Deutsche Bank Place, just around the corner at 126 Phillip Street, until 9pm.

Building Run will be open to the public until 19 October on Mondays 9am-7pm, Fridays 9am-9pm and Saturdays 11am-4pm. 


20 September - 19 october


Online database of eco-public art

The National Institute of Experimental Arts has launched a new online database of eco-public artworks through a joint-research initiative called Curating Cities. As a key research partner, Carbon Arts contributed to the development of this important resource, which will assist researchers, academics, artists, curators, educators and commissioning agencies interested in promoting urban sustainability via public art. 

If you have a project which you would like to see uploaded to the database, please contact us for more details and guidelines.