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Hi Gorgeous, 
                     I don't know about you, but this year I have done a wee bit of celebrating, a load of growing and also a bit of struggling with self doubt at times too. And hasn't the weather pressure been weird lately? Sheesh. 
My key factor in keeping it real (even though I can be an airy fairy pants sometimes) is to just hang in there and keep on keeping on, to have a great space of non judgement where I can download my 'stuff' and to say YES to a Yummy Life.
One of the things I love MOST about my work is that I get to create that space of non-judgement for others. People often tell me things they can't tell anyone else because they have been holding shame or guilt around something and they are simply scared to because of pressure, self criticism or judgement. It's a joy for me and cathartic for them while they work through to that golden doorway of release. Hip hip hooray!! 
We are all amazing for sticking to this wild old planet. It can be a hell of a ride with the self doubt and self criticism, or we can step back, open our arms and let all the bliss enfold us. (Yes it really is there.) 
We all blossom and shine when we let stuff go. 

Speaking of shining - in a few more days, I get to speak again in front of an audience. 
I have called my event 'Shining in Jeans' because I believe we all have a sparkly, beautiful bright self, hidden away in our 'ordinary' and sometimes we just need a little buffing, a little encouragement and a load of love to allow that to flourish. 
We are not all going to walk the boards in pencil skirts and pearly white teeth (well I'm not - I look daft in pencil skirts), but we all do have something precious to share. When we make our everyday stuff special, all of life is special. There are gems hidden in our life experience, and whether we are wearing jeans or "Lacroix Sweetie" (see: link below) whether we are sitting on a throne or a bean bag, our wisdom needs to be shared, enjoyed, and inhaled into and banked into our souls. For good.

I'd love you to come lounge around with me and hang out in my wisdom sharing space. I have some amazing stories and as always, wonderful healing experiences for you too. There's a load of learning and you are invited to bring a journal and really get the most out of the seminar and growth in grace opportunities this evening holds. 
November 12th in Albany - 7:30pm, it's $65 per person and I believe it's one of the best gifts you could give yourself this year.

Ticket link here.

Blissings and blessings and loads of love,
Yummy Life/Love 'Coach'
021 726 276
Beautiful blessing orbs to hang in your zone, or in your children's spaces, sending their grace filled words out for growth and wellness, and custom tailored Guardian Angels too.
Priced from $35 to $195, there is something for everyones budget. 

Classes: Reiki 2 Nov/Dec & Face Reading Nov 15th  

Reiki 2 is your Practitioner Certificated Course. This helps you to provide extra income and empowers your whole family to wellness. Contact me for a chat if you feel you might be ready. 
Date: Dec 6th, shared lunch, starts at 10am and goes till 4:15. $190pp. Sign up by email here. 

REFRESHER COURSE: Reiki 2's are welcome to come and refresh their training, @ $100 for the day. Please apply for booking availability.  
Outrageously inspiring BLIND painter - Sargy Mann 

“If your subject is your own experience, then as long as you are having an experience, you have a subject." - Sargy Mann
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