May this email encourage and inform as we prepare to share more of the Lord's hope with Honduras in July of 2014.
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Honduras Hope Missions 2014

Email Newsletter #06 - FAQ's #2

We are now four short days away from hopping on a plane to learn, grow, and be God's ambassadors to a people desperately in need.  In this time I encourage you to devote more time to prayer, study, and fasting as you are getting your physical, emotional, and spiritual bags packed.  Here are a few more questions answered.  Please send any more questions you may have.

1)  What will our sleeping accommodations be like? 

    For most of the trip we will sleep in a mission house that has been built specifically with us in mind.  Each room will have about 6 bunk beds, a sink, a toilet, and a shower.  This newly built structure very nice compared to where we have stayed in the past.  We will have bed sheets, a blanket, and a pillow provided.  Our stay provides some Hondurans very good income as they clean our facilities and cook for us each day.  Our facility will be locked at night and is very safe located in Ojojona, Honduras.  
    For one night those who choose to rough it a little will be staying in church facilities (that we built in the past) in the remote area of Guajire.  We will be close to running water, but no electricity.  We will bring our mattresses and bed linens with us while we sleep in bunk beds there.  Those who choose to stay behind in the mission house of Ojojona may do so with a senior trip leader. 

2)  Will we be able to charge our electronic devices?

     Yes, their electricity is the same as ours and our devices can easily be plugged in for charging in our rooms. 

3)  How long will our hospital stay / school of the blind visit be?  

     When we visit the hospital and school for the blind we usually stay no more than a couple hours at each due to the busy nature of our trip.  Yet those hours are very well spent!  

4)  What are appropriate toys to give?  

     I choose to take balloon to make animals, flowers, swords, etc.  They pack down really small and I can carry hundreds.  Others have taken bubbles, colorful pipe cleaners, coloring books, etc.  Some also bring candy to give to the kids.  

5)  Photography? 
    You are welcome to bring your camera, but I don't recommend everyone bring their fanciest one.  I am bringing my Nikon D3000 and trying to take good photos of everyone.  Last year we tried to compile everyone's photos, which was a HUGE undertaking.  They are still on a hard drive that decided to go dead before I got it backed up.  So yes, you may bring a camera to record your memories.  If you don't have one, trust me, there will be plenty of good pictures to go around.  I also leave my camera open for anyone to use on the job site, so let your budding photography skills grow!

6) Travel Tshirts?
    I've ordered some very nice travel tshirts for our trip.  They are bright orange and blue and will help us identify each other in the airports for safer, more organized travel.  I'll give them to you guys when we meet up.  

7)  Pack a change of clothes!
    Remember, in your carry-on backpack to pack a change of clothes, in the rare event of lost luggage!

Be sure to send your questions.  Remember to tell you family and friends to bookmark for regular trip updates.  We're excited!
Christopher Wiles 


What to carry to the airport:
Suitcase - 50 lbs. or less
Carry-On Backpack (with change of clothes inside)
Bible (you may have a little reading time)

You will need to take care of 1 meal per day, usually lunch.  Breakfast and dinner will be provided.  You can prepack your lunches before the trip like I do, but we will also stop at a supermarket soon after we land to buy food.  Several people buy peanut butter, jelly, and bread in Honduras and make their lunch every morning.

I take snack foods, nuts, protein bars, jerky, fruit cups, peanut butter & jelly, and Gatorade mix.
Snacks and candy bars are available for purchase at the mission house for $1; purchasing helps support the children's home. 

I carry two empty quart gatorade / nalgeen bottles and fill one up with water and I mix gatorade in the other for each day while working.  You want to avoid drinking the local tap water. We have purified water supplied every morning and evening at the mission house for you to fill up.  Make sure they are empty of liquids if you put them in your carry-on bag like I do. 

Hand sanitizer (little bottle)
work shoes (tennis shoes are fine no open toe shoes for working)
work gloves
bandana for sweat
bug spray
ear plugs (if you use the chainsaw)
sun glasses

A person can easily get by on $50 or less.  I think people on average take about $100 - $150.  We usually stop at two fast food restaurants and take one trip to the mall to eat and shop for souvenirs on our trip.  I usually buy something made by local Hondurans for my family.
Things to pack
Shampoo & Soap
Shower FlipFlops

Pepto Bismol
Imodium AD
Personal Meds
Your Vitamins
Cipro (antibiotic just in case, your family doctor will probably give you a prescription if you tell them about your mission trip)
There are pharmacies available in Tegucigalpa.
There is no need for extra shots as we are at a high elevation and not at risk for malaria.  Last year a few of our members got a  stomach bug for a couple days.

 (Our daily average High is 83 and DALow is 65 degrees.)
Laundry Bag (locals can/will do your laundry, I give them $5 to do a bag of mine.)
Sweatshirt or jacket for evenings
Running shoes (some of us like to run in the mornings)
Comfortable hiking/working shoes
Shorts (not too short)
Shirts (not to revealing)

I recommend earplugs for sleeping in case one of your bunk mates snores. 
Alarm Clock
Camera (cheap one or cell phone is fine)
Little give-away items like toys / candy is fine for kids.  I bring a pack of balloons and a couple pumps for balloon animals.
Writing implements
Note pad
Our team members, locations, age on the trip, email, and FB links are provided below.  God has blessed us with a great mix of youthful vigor and life lived experience on this trip.  Feel free to message each other to begin building relationships before we head out on the trip. Click underlined names to view FB profiles.

From Indiana

Erin Deckard (17)
Elmer Graber (43)

Emma Graber (18)

Charles Graber (14)
Dan Kerr (54)
Jaden Page (17)

Luke Sydow (17)

Christopher Wiles (35)

From Kentucky

Sadie Essig (19)

Emma Woody (18)

From Tennessee

Bryan Cox (31)

From Arkansas

Chad Marshall (24)

From Texas
Ryan Bean (33)

Dave Cleavinger (50)
George Hensley (61)

Paige Porter (66)

Randy Porter (37)

I will be bringing my laptop, purchasing an internet card, and purchasing minutes on a Honduran phone so that we can contact home.  I will attempt to update a blog at at least every other day to let our families know what good things God has been up to.  Keep in mind these are limited minutes and data plans and we'll be busy, so don't plan on calling your great aunt Ruth every night or spending hours browsing Facebook. 
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