May this email encourage and inform as we prepare to share more of the Lord's hope with Honduras in July of 2014.
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Honduras Hope Missions 2014

Email Newsletter #03 - Flight Information

Since I received the flight info from Dave, a great guy for the TX part of the team, it seemed like a good time to communicate flight information to all of you.  Here's a few things to note.
  • Our Texas brothers & sisters will be on a different time table from the rest of the group as their trip will take place through 7 days whereas the rest of the team will be on a 9 day trip.
  • Our Texas group will arrive at the Tegucigalpa airport approximately 1 hour ahead of the rest of the team on July 7th. 
  • We will be arriving around lunchtime on the 7th, so we will likely grab our traditional bite to eat at fast food strip right outside of the airport. 
  • The IN/AR/TN/KY team members will all meet up in Atlanta on the way to Honduras and will finally break sweet company in Atlanta on the way home. 
  • It is suggested that you arrive at the airport 2-3 hours early for international flights. 
  • Make sure you have your full passport for traveling to Honduras. You will need one full blank page for the entry stamp.  The small passport card will not be accepted in Honduras.
  • Delta airlines allows 1 carry-on bag (may not exceed 45 linear inches in combined length, width, and height), 1 personal item (purse, briefcase, camera bag, laptop, jacket, umbrella, or special item like crutches), and your check bag should not exceed 50lbs or 62 linear inches.    United's policies are the same. Click the links for more information.
Texas Group (5 people) - United Airlines
July 7th - United 4432 - Depart Lubbock at 6:25am - Arrive Houston at 7:59am
July 7th - United 1540 - Depart Houston at 9:00am - Arrive Tegucigalpa at 11:00am
July 13th - United 1541 - Depart Tegucigalpa at 11:45am - Arrive Houston at 3:50pm
July 13th - United 270 - Depart Houston at 6:02pm - Arrive DallasFW at 7:13pm
July 13th - Depart DFW at 9:10pm - Arrive in Lubbock at 10:10pm
Indiana Group  (8 people) - Delta Airlines
July 7th - Delta 1575 - Depart Indy at 7:10am - Arrive in Atlanta at 8:49am
July 7th - Delta 849 - Depart Atlanta at 10:10am - Arrive Tegucigalpa at 12:02pm
July 16th - Delta 552 - Depart Tegucigalpa at 1:00pm - Arrive Atlanta at 6:34pm
July 16th - Delta 1898 - Depart Atlanta at 9:55pm - Arrive in Indy at 11:34pm
Arkansas - (1 person) - Delta Airlines
July 7th - Delta 1481 - Depart Little Rock at 6am - Arrive Atlanta at 8:26am
July 7th - Delta 849 - Depart Atlanta at 10:10am - Arrive Tegucigalpa at 12:02pm
July 16th - Delta 552 - Depart Tegucigalpa at 1:00pm - Arrive Atlanta at 6:34pm
July 16th - Delta 1432 - Depart Atlanta at 9pm - Arrive Little Rock at 9:42pm
Tennessee /Kentucky Group  (3 people) - Delta Airlines
July 7th - Delta 742 - Depart Nashville at 5:30am - Arrive Atlanta at 7:38am
July 7th - Delta  849 - Depart Atlanta at 10:10am - Arrive Tegucigalpa at 12:02pm
July 16th - Delta 552 - Depart Tegucigalpa at 1:00pm - Arrive Atlanta at 6:34pm
July 16th - Delta - 342 - Depart Atlanta at 8:40pm - Arrive Nashville at 8:50pm

Money Note:
June 25th is our deadline for receiving either the $800 work fund from those who purchased your own flights or the $1500 fee from the 10 people on the MCOC Delta Contract (Topher, Elmer, Emma, Jason, Jaden, Luke, Bryan, Chad, Dan, and Erin). Steve Gilstrap and Laura Barlow will be coordinating sending our work funds in advance of the trip through bank accounts to avoid potential complications that can come with large money exchanges in Honduras.

May the Lord bless you as you prepare to serve Him through serving others.  Sincerely, 
Christopher Wiles 


This area will be used to help you get to know those in Honduras who serve with our team. 

Terri Tindall and her family have been blessings from God to not only the people of Honduras, but to our team as well.  The Tindall family has served for years in the role of organizing mission efforts in Honduras.  Terri, along with her son-in-law and daughter, Matt and Nicole Fitgerald, will be our primary organizers and leaders this year.  Say a prayer to God thanking Him for the Tindall family. 

Click here to go to Terri's Facebook profile: TERRI
Click here to go to Matt & Nicole's Facebook profile: MATT&NICOLE

So you want to know what we will be doing?  As you can see from Jason's 2013 photo above, we'll be loving on some beautiful people made in the image of God!  How we love on them will come in many different forms. 

One of our large primary goals is to continue building relationships and trust with the residents of the remote "village" of Guajire to build opportunities for sharing more of God's Word through long and short term missions.

Home Building
We currently have the funding to build three homes in Honduras.  The homes cost $2000 each and can take 1-2 days each to build. 

Work at Casa De Esperanza. 
When we asked the children's home what they needed their reply was that of increased security for the kids in the form building walls and putting up barbed wire.  Estimated cost $600.  Of course there will also be a lot of opportunities throughout the week to play with these children in the afternoons too!

Feeding at the Dump
Every year we take time to love on those the culture defines as "unlovable" by bringing residents and workers in the dump of Tegucigalpa. We bring them water, food, faith, and fellowship.  We may pray with them, we may sing to encourage them, we may play soccer with them, or we may give them a hug. 

Princess Day in Guajire
We currently plan to stay overnight in the Guajire dormitory so that we may plan a day to love on and play with the children and families of Guajire.  More info will come soon on Princess Day.

Medical Missions
There is schedule to be a medical mission team arriving near the tail end of our trip.  We hope to coordinate with them to let some of our members serve with them.

School for the Blind
You will be blessed as we visit, play with, sing with, and love on all of the students at the school for the blind.

Hospital Visits
If you have not been to the Tegucigalpa hospital to care for the many patients in need we hope to give you that opportunity.  Balloon animals are a must on this visit!

Devotional Times
We will allow daily time for sharing of faith with each other and with Hondurans.  The opportunities to share the truth of God's word will abound!  Feel free to begin researching how to share God's goodness in Spanish for that moment God gives you the opportunity. 

Have an idea for something else?  Bring it up and we'll work together to get it done on this trip!

Our team members, locations, age on the trip, email, and FB links are provided below.  God has blessed us with a great mix of youthful vigor and life lived experience on this trip.  Feel free to message each other to begin building relationships before we head out on the trip. Click underlined names to view FB profiles.

From Indiana

Erin Deckard (17)
Elmer Graber (43)

Emma Graber (18)

Dan Kerr (54)
Jaden Page (17)

Jason Petty (36)
Luke Sydow (17)

Christopher Wiles (35)

From Kentucky

Sadie Essig (19)

Emma Woody (18)

From Tennessee

Bryan Cox (31)

From Arkansas

Chad Marshall (24)

From Texas
Ryan Bean (33)

Dave Cleavinger (50)
George Hensley (61)

Paige Porter (66)

Randy Porter (37)

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