Warm greetings from us all at
Taruna College     
June 2017
What's been happening at Taruna since we last contacted you?
The following courses started this year with the first seminar completed and follow-up seminars about to start:
  • The Art of Well-being
  • Rhythmic Body Oiling Course
  • Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education
  • The Outdoor Classroom
Other events have been:
  • A blessing ceremony and gathering to help Taruna along with its "new beginnings"
  • A community weekend to spread Biodynamic Preparations on the grounds here at Taruna
  • Workshops and trainings for local businesses and communities

"Friends of Taruna" - and how you might help us


The Art of Well-being Seminar I

Facilitated by Lauren Hudson and Rosie Simpson

Assisted by Deb Bednarek, Sue Simpson and Margaret Mary-Farr


'A wonderful group of diverse students began our first Seminar in March.  in June we meet again for our second week together.  As a group we have begun to explore the nature of health and well-being; how the language of colour enriches that experience; and how our own life story or biography lets us see ourselves with new eyes.  There is a strong sense that these days have provided opportunity for active re-treat and renewal for all involved.'

Feedback from our students was positive:
"Really have had insight and observationinto myself".
"The week really resonated well - it was exactly what is needed for me right now.  thank you for a wonderful week".


The Rhythmic Body Oiling   Seminar I

Facilitated by Deb Bednarek, Jocelyn Freeman. Kristina Friedlander and Michelle Vette

Assisted by Claire Morgan and Jean Mc Gavock


An exciting new initiative by the health faculty saw the Rhythmic Body Oiling course begin in April. The intention is to ensure this special therapeutic work is more accessible as a support for healthy life rhythm and wellbeing and to this end, we have created the opportunity for a much wider community to participate in the learning process.

We welcomed an enthusiastic group, including some friends from across the Tasman, into the first part of the two-part course. Once again we transformed a classroom into a wonderful therapy space and embarked on helping the participants come into relationship with the ’qualities of touch, encompassing care, movement and rhythm that are the main instruments of anthroposophic nursing’.

We complete the course in August and look forward to seeing how the work has progressed between seminars.

Some of our students' comments:
"Lots of help and feedback from tutors and peers - good learning experiences".

"Excellent - the feedback and instruction was exactly what I'd hoped for.  Attention to detail and 'feel' of the movements can't be learnt any other way". 

The Certificate for Rudolf Steiner Education Seminar I

Facilitated by Rosie Simpson 

Assisted by Clayton Gibson, Lauren Hudson, Rachel Hughes, Peter Lee, Margaret Mary-Farr, Robert Simpson and David Urieli and Michelle Vette

This year has seen some changes to the Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education Course which have made it more widely accessible and this stirring in the air and of the ground has awakened new interest; it was heartening to welcome nineteen new students to the first seminar in April many of whom expressed that after watching the website for some years that they felt that the time was right to make this step in their lives. This is the biggest group we have had for some time, the participants are youthful, enthusiastic, hungry and enquiring; they come from all over New Zealand, some fresh from University courses, others with many years experience of teaching in State schools behind them, some have new positions in Steiner schools, others will be among the founders of new initiatives. It did not take long for common threads to be discovered and friendships formed. Taruna again wove its magic as “a meeting place of friends” where a sense of homecoming and recognized connection, with both  people and ideas, can resonate. We look forward to welcoming some new participants into this lively group in July.

Some of our students' comments:

"I feel that what has been provided on the course will act as little seeds for me to direct further learning in all areas for myself as a person, professional and parent".

"The seminar content and rhythm were very, very helpful in many ways.  Personally I found all that was offered very meaningful".

"I appreciated the diverse range of speakers and lecturers.  All presented with humour, clear and in-depth knowledge".

The Outdoor Classroom

Facilitated by John Lawry

We were blessed to have John Lawry facilitating our latest Outdoor Classroom course which was a week-long unfolding of firstly creating an outdoor space to work from and, for those that were wanting to stay on, a camp site.  The group set up forging, a fire pit, created a pizza oven, whittled, wove baskets and as the week unfolded, found themselves working with tasks that naturally presented themselves.  This course beautifully demonstrated for this group of teachers and parents how an outdoor experience can assist students to learn by doing, an accidental way of teaching that is creative and inspiring.  For those participating, it showed the cycle of moving from an idea, to a plan, then a gathering of materials, construction and completion - these are lifelong skills that we hope this group will take beyond their own experience, and develop into their own teaching.

The following is some of the feedback that we received from course participants:  

"Our children were totally engaged with their experiential learning in the Outdoor Classroom.  They not only enjoyed the experience immensely but were able to enthusiastically articulate what they learned to others – both adults and other children" (Auckland Principal)

"I teach in a mainstream primary school and I found the course fantastic. I started the course with little experience in the world of metalwork, woodwork, weaving (I could go on) but left with a confidence in my abilities, an understanding of the huge benefits that an outdoor classroom can have on children and some ideas on how to go about that. John is an incredible mentor and the sense of community that was created between the trainees was a pleasure to be a part of."  (Local Hawke's Bay Teacher)
Friends of Taruna - We invite you to re-join or join with us now!

Many of you have been subscribing to the Taruna College newsletter for some time and we know that you have a keen interest in what is happening at Taruna, with many of you having expressed a wish to support Taruna when and where you can.  We welcome your help at Taruna, and at this particular time we would like to give you an opportunity to join a 'Friends of Taruna' group whereby you support Taruna with a small annual donation to the Trust.  To get this started we are suggesting a donation of $60 for a  year, starting with $30 for 2017 which is almost half way through. In acknowledgement of your contribution and to show our gratitude for your assistance, we aim to develop and grow some ideas to encourage your engagement.  At this stage we are offering the following:
  • Use of the Taruna Library which will be available to visit Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.  For those of you residing out of town we are happy to courier books to Taruna friends for the cost of the courier package only.  Each Tuesday morning we will have our tea trolley out for those of you who wish to spend some time in the library.
  • A course reduction of $100 per year for a Taruna signature course (non-transferable).
  • A 10% discount on room hire (non-transferable)
  • Invitations to Taruna events such as graduations, seasonal celebrations and other milestones that we celebrate.
If you would like to support Taruna in this way, we warmly invite you to deposit funds directly into the Taruna College Charitable Trust Account with the BNZ bank - account No. 02 0655 0048961-00.  Please reference with your family name and the words ''Friends donation' and email us at to let us know your contact details.

What your funds will support
We ask that you gift these funds freely to Taruna at this time.  We are currently updating all of our existing courses, working on some new course ideas and updating processes so that we can run more efficiently.  We are also modestly upgrading our very outdated Tui Room and replacing old and tired furnishings.  We believe that this will help to enliven and refresh Taruna and attract more students and visitors to the College.  There is significant work to be done and we are carefully managing our resources to enable us to fulfil the dream of Taruna once again becoming a vibrant adult learning centre that becomes well-known throughout our local community as a resource for all.

Support we have received this year
We would like to acknowledge the on-going support we have received from the A R Nelson Trust this year.  It has been wonderful to see two members from the Trust attending some of the functions through this year and having the opportunity to share with them what Taruna really is and does.  

We also gratefully received some assistance from a local community member who has valued the anthroposophic healthcare received over recent years from local practitioners.This person's gift allowed us to replace some of the nursing resources that are used for training, to upgrade our main office computer and to replace some well-worn furnishings. This donation has certainly been a 'bright light' this year.
Many thanks to Rachel Pomeroy who organised a day of Biodynamic Prep-making along with a stirring of Preparation 500 in April for the Taruna grounds followed by a shared afternoon tea for those who came along to help.  We were very grateful to see you all here and for the time that you gifted to Taruna.
In February we also welcomed guests to Taruna to help us with a Blessing for Taruna and new beginnings lead by Elke Baublies and attended by local community members. During this evening we expressed our wishes for Taruna for the future and talked about what we bring as individuals for the benefit of the College before finishing with a supper provided by the Trust.

May has seen the leaves starting to turn and it was one very cold Sunday morning early in the month that saw the Ruth Nelson Taruna Charitable Trust, the Taruna College Trust and the Leadership Council along with a member from the A R Nelson Trust meeting to hear what the New Year had uncovered at Taruna and what really needed to happen heading into the future.  We had space for some hearty discussions and sharing of ideas.  As these unfold, we will bring them to you.

Like us on Facebook!  We have Kelli Caldwell (our Taruna College Trust Chairperson) looking after our Facebook page.  Kelli is actively engaged with this so please 'friend' us, share our posts, and help us to promote Taruna and what we offer so that a much wider community can enjoy what we have to offer.
A note from the Taruna College Charitable Trust

The Trust is excited in 2017 to watch, as many changes that have been years in the making, begin to take root.  This is an exciting and not always linear process of change.  Our Leadership Council is bringing all of their many talents to the task, and their enthusiasm in navigating Taruna College towards a more contemporary future is as inspiring as it is unflagging.  Our programmes are being renewed, reviewed and revitalised to meet a changing world and it's many demands on our time and on our spirits.  

Take a moment to peruse our refreshed website (http://, where you will find a variety of programmes and workshops to take part in. 

We are using fresh eyes in designing our courses, and feedback from our students is that these updates are resulting in courses that better meet their needs whilst remaining as transformative as ever.  

Our local community has also discovered our beautiful campus and our facilities are now often used for courses ranging from yoga to driving lessons.  It is heartening to see our community find and be nourished by this sanctuary.  

We continue, as always, to honour the founding impulse of Taruna as we move towards a brighter, lighter future.  We invite you to come and connect with us, be nourished, and take part in helping us create a sustainable future for the organisation.
Kelli Caldwell
Chair, Taruna College Trust


We shape our self to fit this world and by the world are shaped again.

The visible and the invisible working together in common cause, to produce the miraculous.

I am thinking of the way the intangible air passed at speed round a shaped wing easily holds our weight.

So may we, in this life trust to those elements we have yet to see or imagine, and look for the true shape of our own self, by forming it well to the great intangibles about us.

David Whyte

Dear readers, friends and supporters,

We hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter and that we have managed to give you some insight as to what is happening here at Taruna.  We are working hard towards a positive change so that we can move Taruna into a renewed and revitalised Adult Education Centre that continues to not only support Steiner Waldorf initiatives but also the wider Hawke's Bay community.  You can help us by mentioning Taruna to others as not only a place for high-quality learning, but also as a venue (this year we have welcomed local businesses to run workshops and staff training which has been a positive experience for all).  We need our local community to 'know' about Taruna!

Please do consider becoming a 'Friend of Taruna' and we will continue to grow the benefits associated with this for the mutual benefit of all.  

Many thanks to those of you who have already generously shown your support for all of us in creating new beginnings for Taruna - it is heartening to be surrounded by encouragement and positivity.

With very warm regards 

Vanessa van Kampen

Our mailing address is:
33 Te Mata Peak Road
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay 4130
New Zealand

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