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Taruna Newsletter - Autumn 2018
Dear Readers,

It doesn't feel like so long ago we were sending you our Summer newsletter and here we are in Autumn, whilst still experiencing the odd 28 degree day in Hawke's Bay.  However, as I add to this newsletter there is thunder and lightening and heavy rain falling on our very dry gardens which we can only be grateful for. 

The Taruna trees are slowly changing with the season and we are so happy to see our gardens shaping up beautifully with Matt Entwhilstle as our new gardener. It is a pleasure now to drive up the long driveway and admire the grounds.
From the Leadership Council
Farewell Vanessa
A little over a year ago Taruna employed Vanessa to enable a transition moving into a new and healthy future.  Vanessa has worked tirelessly to transform the environment, to create a new administrative platform for courses, to forge new relationships and to bring new streams of activity into Taruna. She has, literally and figuratively cleaned out the attics and re-stocked the pantry.  Through her efforts to open doors, the local community are finding their way to regular courses happening here, and to using this special place as a venue. 

We have been lucky to keep Vanessa through to the end of April when she will take up a new post with different challenges.  While we will miss all she brings, we wish her every success and happiness in her new role.  We farewell her with gratitude for the newly tilled ground she has helped create at Taruna.  Currently we are exploring who might next take on this Administrator role.  In the meantime your enquiries will continue to be answered just as they have been with Vanessa.
From the Charitable Trustees
As you know, The Ruth Nelson Taruna Charitable Trust and Taruna College Trust merged at the end of February and we've been hard at work ever since taking the necessary steps to create a sustainable future for Taruna.  While there is plenty of work to be done, we are confident that Taruna is now on the path to resilience.   As an organisation, Taruna is strong and evolving and we look forward to supporting the many initiatives that will be commencing in 2018.  We ask for your support on this journey.
Taruna Courses planned for 2018

Last newsletter we mentioned the many groups that are now coming up to taruna to run various courses and workshops.  It is great to see Taruna being utilised by so many groups.  There is still space for others too so please if you know of any organisation or individual running workshops please let them know about Taruna as a venue.
Keep an eye on our website for future events and workshops or pop up and have a look at our notice board which is now full of course information.
Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education - with Rosie Simpson
Starting April 2018

We are very pleased to once again have an almost full course this year.  Students are coming from Steiner Schools, from other schools throughout the country and beyond along with others wanting to know more about the education with a view of becoming a teacher.  We believe that our course will ensure that this wonderful Steiner/Waldorf education continues to grow and that within our Steiner Schools we continue to have teaching staff who understand the education and philosophy well.  

We would like to share with you this little gem which came via email from a Steiner school in New Zealand.  This school had sent two of their teaching staff to seminars in 2017 and are returning to complete the certificate this year:

"When our staff return from Taruna each time they are brimming with enthusiasm in terms of what they have learnt. The assignments  you set are very useful in terms of their teaching practice.  Keep up the valuable work.”

Burnout with Deb Bednarek, Lauren Hudson and Rosie Simpson
Next Course 17 & 18 May

This short workshop (one evening and one day) has been designed for the busy lifestyle that most of us find ourselves leading and covers the following:

This workshop works with enlivening self-help tools that can re-kindle your flame.

Some of the themes that we explore are:

  • story as powerful medicine
  • the soul food of colour painting
  • begin to experience the healing force of plants.
  • Begin with movement
  • Experience the potency of relationships and social interaction
  • Lap up the warmth of hands on self-nurturing
  • Take time to observe nature and experience wonder
  • Work with the alchemical mandala and
  • Experience the magic of form drawing.

The Art of Well-Being with Lauren Hudson
Starting June 2018

We have adjusted the timing of this beautifully crafted course so that it spans two years.  We hope that this will make it easier for students to commit to two weeks in the first year and the third and final week early in the year following.  We understand from research and reading that people are time poor and that disposable income is carefully considered and therefore, as with other courses, this is a consideration in design and timing.

Last year we had 10 participants on the course and their feedback was very positive.  Some stated that the course was a 'life change' whilst others appreciated the time to reflect, to think about their own biography and to experience the uniqueness of Taruna courses which always include movement and Art and as with all Taruna courses, this was included in the Art of Well-Being with each day starting with Eurythmy and an afternoon of Art.

We still have places available for this year's course if you are interested in joining us, or if you know of others who may be.
Reaching for the Stars - finding your way 
Course Development
We recognise that building a renewed Taruna is all about offering learning that is contemporary and relevant.  So much research and thinking is being done by the Leadership Council to develop new courses and programmes that respond to current NZ issues and questions.  We are thrilled to announce two new courses now under development which will be running by the end of 2018, both of which are inspired by the understandings that anthroposophy offers: 

Reaching for the Stars - finding my way . . . 
In development
Many young people new to the world of adulthood can find life after their school journey to be challenging and overwhelming.  So building new confidence and inner certainty can be an important strategy for health, well-being and future happiness.  This modular programme will be co-led by Taruna tutors and young leaders and aims to explore understandings and strategies as a source of strength and resilience. 

Further information regarding this course will become available via the Taruna website:  

Spirited Childhood - 
       Creating a Korowai of Care inspiring your teaching practice
We are delighted to announce Taruna’s plans to meet the demand for professional development concerning the education and care of the very young child.  ‘Spirited Childhood – Creating a Korowai of Care’ is now in active development with our team being led by Suzan Bart and Sarah Campbell who are both experienced professionals in this field. The foundation work will explore the understanding of the child drawing on the insights of Rudolf Steiner, integrating other contemporary approaches that support the healthy child. The focus will be the care of the child from birth to three years old and our intention is that this modular programme will be of interest to a broad community of mainstream early childcare providers.  Further details will soon be posted on the Taruna website.
At this stage we plan to have our first Seminar starting in October or early November 2018 with a follow-on second seminar planned for 2019.  If you are interested in this pre-school sector or work in an early childhood centre or home-based setting this course will be of interest to you.  Whilst enrolment for this course is not yet available, we are very happy to take expressions of interest so that we can create a database of people to contact when we have the course launch date and more details to hand.  

This is very exciting for us at Taruna and we can't wait to share more with you in our next newsletter.
Holistic Health Courses at Taruna
Last year we ran the Rhythmic Body Oiling course at Taruna and this was well received.  Our learning from this course was the importance of re-creating a foundation course for this work so that workshops such as the Rhythmic Body Oiling course will be available to practitioners who have completed their base training.  We believe that this will benefit both the practitioner and the client.  If you are interested in our Holistic Health Courses as they become available, please let us know so that you can be added to our database.
Other Visiting Courses coming to Taruna
We have many organisations coming up to Taruna running various workshops during the week and on the weekends.  These are advertised on our website and via facebook so please follow us on facebook so that you will receive our news feeds and also feel free to share our posts.

We were very pleased to be in discussion with a local BD expert Glen Atkinson with a view to having a 4-day workshop available mid-July this year. If you are listed on our database you will be contacted directly with details of this course and an opportunity to enrol.

Taruna still has plans to reintroduce Biodynamics/Organics into the Taruna Signature Course fold as one of our own courses, however in the meantime we are grateful to Glen for all that he has to offer and we do hope that some of our students who have been patiently waiting for a new course to evolve will join this course.
Library Book Amnesty
We are still looking for missing books that have not been checked-out or accounted for.  Please can you have a look on your bookshelf to see that you haven't accidentally retained a Taruna book.  Early Childhood books are the majority of books that are missing and we would gratefully receive these back without judgement as we understand how easy it is for books belonging to others to become forgotten and mixed up with our own.  Many thanks for your attention to this.
Dear Readers and Friends of Taruna,

This will be the last newsletter that I create on behalf of the team at Taruna.  I came to the organisation in January 2017 knowing that Taruna was under stress but also knowing that there was a very capable group that I would be joining as a helping hand and I believed that we had the combined skills needed at the time. 
My role was never intended to be a long term commitment, rather a period of time whereby I could utilise my skills, knowledge and contacts in the interests of Taruna.  I have done this, it has been a tough call some times, it has sometimes felt isolated, which was helped by my office dog Willa, and of course it has felt hugely rewarding to see that we have been able to make significant changes and move Taruna back to be a 'living' thing.  Of course I will remain a friend of Taruna and will continue my interest in the organisation, however I am ready for change and I am very much looking forward to my new role which will take me back into the wider world which is something I have always planned to do.

Please, please continue to support this organisation as it totally deserves it. Taruna is needed in the ever-changing world that we live in.  You can support Taruna by telling people about it, by utilising the space for workshops, meetings and events.  Think about and share the option for accommodation at our newly renovated hostel which is available to anybody visiting the Hawke's Bay and of course there is always the option to donate to Taruna and become a friend.

I know that the Leadership Council will keep you updated when my replacement starts.  I wish Taruna well, and I wish you all the very best with wherever or whatever you are up to and I'm sure that some of us will meet again.

With very warm wishes,
One of many resident Tui's in the Taruna gardens


We give thanks for the harvest of the heart' work;
Seeds of faith planted with faith;
Love nurtured by love;
courage strengthened by courage.
We give thanks for the fruits of the struggling soul,
The bitter and the sweet;
For that which has grown in adversity
And for that which has flourished in warmth and grace;
For the radiance of the spirit in autumn
And for that which must now fade and die.
We are blessed and give thanks.

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