Taruna Newsletter - Winter 2018
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We have had a great start to the Winter Months by cultivating seeds, with an organised planning day. With a trajectory for the future  the Leadership Team recognises the importance of Taruna at its heart, making it possible for people to find meaning in their lives and to be nourished through the ways of skilled development and learning. Future courses and offerings will seek to start with focus of outwardly serving the world, acknowledging key issues in society and working towards nurturing solutions. Presently course developments include "Rekindling the Flame", Reaching for the Stars", "Earth 1st", "Spirited Childhood" and "Heath courses in palliative care."
With a future focus we have restructured the Administrative Role into two part-time roles; Administration and Business Development and welcome Charmaine Wilson (Administration) and Denise Hart (Business Development) who both compliment our small team. The hostel has had a foray of new energy being poured into it recently with new curtains, a variety of art work, gardens tidied and planted, internet re-installed, maintenance and love. We will be offering casual stays from 01 July for people looking for cheaper accommodation in a nurturing bio-dynamic environment while still maintaining retreat and course related stays.
With Matariki celebrations underway across Aotearoa it is fitting to acknowledge the re-birth of energy at Taruna, the seeds being sown and scattered wide and the gathering of people to celebrate the passing of one year into the hope of a brighter and succulent future.


A  tribute to Peter Proctor
 August 1928 – 8th June 2018

Everyone who took part in Peter’s Biodynamic Courses here at Taruna will have learnt something of deep significance beyond what was absorbed and digested though the knowledge and practical activity of lectures and workshops.  Peter modelled what it means to be human in the best sense: the joy of a hard day’s work, of connecting deeply with the earth while taking inspiration from the heavens, of living with purpose and in service of others, with bountiful enthusiasm and unflagging optimism. We are privileged to have known the twinkle in his eye, the smile that gave encouragement and signalled such warm interest and good-humoured delight in the world.
You might remember that Peter wrote a book which he titled Grasp the Nettle.
There is an old saying which goes:
 “Tender-handed stroke a nettle and it stings you for your pains:
 Grasp it like a man of mettle, and it soft as silk remains."
If you have ever encountered a stinging nettle, just lightly brushed it with your bare hand or leg, you will know the painful truth of this. It takes some courage and a sense of inner certainty to grasp a nettle. When you do, to make your soup, tea, or compost preparation, by what seems a miracle you flatten those tiny fiery needles and it doesn’t hurt.  This little phrase “to grasp the nettle” has worked its way into our English language as a metaphor for boldness, fortitude, of going with your heart and will when your head doubts or tells you that this could be dangerous territory.  To trust what the heart senses, to see behind outer appearance in order to divine the good and the true, to follow a path that is not the one most travelled, this requires mettle. What a precious but underused word that is. Peter was a man of mettle, unafraid to test his horizons, especially the outer ones, with single-minded purpose.  Peter, you were a man of many qualities, but let us remember the exhortation to “grasp the nettle” as a particular legacy of yours to us.
Farewell Peter, we are full of gratitude for your initiatives here, knowing that the seeds you have planted in the hearts and minds of all your many students have spread out all over the earth.
What a blessing for us and for our planet.
                                                                                                                 Rosie Simpson

What's happening at Taruna?
Earth 1st Workshops

With a growing number of additions to the database of those interested in earth topics, we are putting together a series of workshops dedicated to the Earth 1st theme. A group of local tutors will be running short courses around this topic. Watch this space for more information coming in the next newsletter and updates on the website.
Winter Art Warmers

From the 07 July - 28 July we are running a series of winter art warmer workshops every Saturday from 10:00am -4:00pm. Our talented tutors - Sabine Laakman, Sophie Lankovsky, Ingrid Schloemer, Jean McGavock and Rei Lambert will guide these very interactive introductory workshops. Beginners can get a taste of trying something new!

Workshops in Needle Felting, Hand Painting on Silk, Visual Journalling, Observational Drawing and Painting of Nature, SilverJewellery Making, Mixed Media Print Making and Ceramics.

Cost: $125 (plus materials) includes morning and afternoon tea and a light lunch.

A great environment to meet like-minded people!

For more information check out 
Reaching for the Stars

A Learning Programme for Young People (18-21) beginning life beyond school

Leaving school is an important life transition that can pressure young people to find answers to what they want to do with their adult lives.  This programme gives young people contemporary ways of learning how to navigate the next phase, exploring key questions:
·       What are my dreams and big ideas?
·       What resources do I have available to me?
·       What has my life journey given me?
·       What is needed out there?
·       How can I prepare for the tough bits? 

If you would like to know more about this programme and how it could benefit someone you know please contact the office on 06 8777174 or email:

Workshops Coming Up
July 15-20            Certificate in Rudolph Steiner Education Seminar 2

Aug 15                 Art for Absolute Beginners and Beginners Workshops run for 8 weeks facilitated by Rosie Simpson

Aug 11-12             An Introduction to Mindfulness - facilitator Stephen Archer
                              Mindfulness for Practioners - facilitator Stephen Archer
September 09th   Supportive Therapies and Palliative Care Workshop facilitated by Raelee Jensen

November 16-18   Write and (finish) your Book Workshop facilitated by Authors Sally Rigby and Amanda Ashby

Harmonia Mundi

Music-loving Waldorf students, graduates, teachers, students teachers, parents and friends are invited to participate in HARMONIA MUNDI - a Waldorf 100 choral music and music theatre project taking place in Australia in July 2019. Judith Clingan is looking for singers, instrumentalists, actors and composers - from 12 years old in July 2019 to adult. Please email Judy on Look at her website: and her choir’s website
Hi my name is Denise Hart and I am enjoying my new role at Taruna College as Business Development Manager.  After completing the Art of Well-being Course last year and living in Kereru for two years, it completes the circle to be working in such a healthy, nurturing environment. Looking forward to keeping you up to date in the month's ahead.  Denise

Seek the truly practical material life,
But seek it so that it does not numb you to the spirit which is active within it.
Seek the Spirit, but seek it not in passion for the supersensible,
Out of supersensible egoism,
But seek it because you wish to apply it selflessly
In practical life in the practical world.
Turn to the ancient principle,
Matter is never without spirit,
Spirit is never without matter,
In such a way that you say,
We will to do all material things in the light of the spirit
And we will to so seek that light of the spirit,
That it evokes warmth for us in all our practical activities.
Rudolf Steiner, Stuttgart 1922
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