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Impressed: Print Photo Books Personalized With Your Voice

Last time we were telling you about the offspring of a new partnership called Impressed. Well, like all newborns, they suck up a lot of your time! We apologize for being absent but we have been busy feeding, changing and showing off our baby :) We can't wait to show you too: Download the Impressed App on your iPad to make beautiful, modern photo books in just a few minutes.

Designing Photo Memories

We recently heard Jeremy Fisher, Founder of Days, say that taking photos is designing your own memories and sharing photos is designing other people's memory of you. Let that percolate for a minute...rIght?

We are all designers so do what you can to
get better at seeing those family moments worth capturing - adding voice stories just makes those memories even more vivid when you revisit them in the future.

*Who can resist an orange love bus?

It's The Great Pumpkin, CB

That's CB for Charlie Brown. A Classic. If you haven't seen it, you should this weekend! We have been having stunning Fall weather here in Toronto - there is really nothing better than a sunny Fall day. The sky seems bluer, the air crisper, the night sky clearer. Get outside and have some Autumn adventures wherever you are and share them with your friends and family.

Give a play-by-play of your hunt for the biggest apple, the gnarliest pumpkin, the international space station in the Southwest quadrant of last night's sky. It's the details of the story that fill the gap between you and your long distance loved ones.

*This orange fella found a new home!

Please tell us - how did you capture that amazing shot?

Your friends always ask you how you captured that amazing moment - well tell them in your own voice. We would love to hear the story of how these shots happened...

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