The Office of Sustainability seeks students and recent grads to support campus sustainability programs, projects and initiatives

Please share with any students or recent grads looking to gain professional experience contributing to the sustainability field!

Sustainability Associate

40 hours/week, paid with benefits

A full-time entry-level position for which a recent UMD graduate would be ideal. The associate will help run outreach programs and communications initiatives.

Apply by August 6, 2021 for best consideration

Green Chapter Intern

10 hours/week, paid & eligible for 3 class credits

Provide support, training, coaching, presentations, and event facilitation to Greek chapters pursuing Green Chapter certifications. Support the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Office of Sustainability in program coordination, support sustainability chairs for participating chapter, collaborate with outreach interns, and support the Resident Director (RD) Graduate Assistant assigned to the Green Chapter Program.

Apply by August 15, 2021

Green Office Intern

10 hours/week, paid & eligible for 3 class credits

Intern to help offices earn their annual certification by consulting and coaching, tracking, reporting, and updating each offices’ checklist.

Apply by August 15, 2021

SustainableUMD Ambassador

3 hours/week, volunteer position & eligible for 1 class credit

Apply to join a select team of student leaders who conduct tabling to encourage action and awareness through hands-on activities, commitments, and events.

Apply by September 8, 2021

Sustainability Advisors

4 hours/month, volunteer position

Apply to join a select team of student leaders who provide an hour-long sustainability lesson to introductory classes during the Fall semester.

Apply by August 31, 2021


UMD Symposium on Environmental Justice & Health Disparities

Aug 19th - 21st 2021

The 7th annual UMD Symposium on Environmental Justice & Health Disparities will convene numerous community members, nonprofit organizers, and researchers for an in-depth examination of ongoing environmental justice and health disparity issues affecting the DC-Maryland-Virginia region.

No cost, Hosted by UMD’s Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice, and Health (CEEJH).


Climate Corner Webinars

Free Climate Corner webinars occur every other Wednesday from 4-5:30pm, hosted by Dr. Sara Via, Professor and Climate Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland College Park. Learn more!

July 7: Natural climate solutions: Letting plants reduce atmospheric CO2
July 21: Don’t mess with the carbon cycle & the path(s) to “net-zero”
Aug. 4: Your carbon footprint and how to shrink it
Aug. 18: Taming residential food waste
Sept. 1: Moderation in all things: Moving toward a plant-based diet
Sept. 15: How well do different policies work to curb climate change?


Volunteer with the UMD Arboretum

Join the UMD Arboretum and Botanical Garden for monthly volunteer events including plantings, litter clean-ups, and invasive species removals. The Arboretum also offers tours of the sustainable features of the campus landscape and plantings including pollinator gardens, rain gardens, and vegetable gardens- virtually or in person. Support greening of the campus landscape by dedicating a tree, volunteering, and more! Your office, organization, or Greek chapter can also ‘adopt a garden’ to tend to consistently.

UMD Arboretum


UMD sustainability research lead innovation to advance sustainability solutions on campus & beyond

California’s almond trees rely on honey bees and wild pollinators, but a lack of good habitat is making their job harder according to UMD professor Erik Lichtenberg. Read More

U.S. beekeepers continue to report high colony loss rates, UMD-led survey finds Bee Informed Partnership’s results used to help beekeepers, Researchers seeking solutions. Read More

Landfills are a much bigger source of the greenhouse gas methane than previously thought says UMDs professor, Russ Dickerson. Read More

The NGFS Climate Scenarios Portal- offers a common reference point for understanding how climate change, policy, and technology trends could evolve in different futures and risks. Read More

A 'tick explosion' could happen soon in DMV, here's how to keep you and your family safe- UMD Entomologist Michael Raupp weighs. Read More

Weather adds stress to America's crumbling infrastructure featuring Marccus Hendricks, UMD Professor of Urban Studies and Planning and Director of the Stormwater Infrastructure Resilience and Justice Lab. Read More

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SustainableUMD represents the University of Maryland’s commitment to advance sustainability through teaching, research, service, and operations. The UMD Office of Sustainability celebrates these efforts through the SustainableUMD newsletter, website, social media, and more.