For day 21 of your Community Bible Experience, you'll read pages 239-251 from Matthew. 
Hey, you're halfway through the New Testament! 

Now it’s time for another look at Jesus. The gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as the culmination of the ancient Jewish story. Watch this overview to find out more…

Matthew’s gospel wastes no time connecting Jesus to the ancient Jewish story. See if you notice how many of the events in today’s reading parallel events from Israel’s history. 

Today we'll read pages 239-251 from Matthew.  
Read until "...and not as their teachers of the law." 

Enjoy the journey,
The Community Bible Experience team
P.S. If you hit a wall with your reading, don’t get frustrated. Think about how far you’ve come and keep at it. You might want to mix up your routine by changing the time of day you read or swapping your print Bible for the audio version. Whatever you do, keep at it! 

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