For day 1 of your Community Bible Experience, you'll read pages 1-11 from Luke-Acts. 
Dear <<First name>>,

It's only the first day of our reading campaign, and already you might have noticed that The Books of the Bible is not your ordinary New Testament. 
Most New Testaments — OK, just about every New Testament starts with the gospel of Matthew. So why are we starting with Luke? Watch today’s video to find out.

Today we'll read pages 1-11 from Luke-Acts. 
Read until “…he left him until an opportune time.”
Happy reading!
The Community Bible Experience team
P.S. Be sure not to skip over the book introductions in your copy of The Books of the Bible. We know... introductions, prefaces, and the like usually have "skip me" written all over them. But these intros (or “invitations,” as we call them) contain vital information to help you navigate each book. They'll tell you the story behind the story and explain how each book is organized. We promise they'll be worth your time. 

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