For day 7 of your Community Bible Experience, you'll read pages 64-75 from Luke-Acts. 
Dear <<First name>>,

In yesterday's reading, the Jerusalem church grew from a handful of people to several thousand — which was bound to catch someone's attention.
And so it does. Many of the same religious leaders who opposed Jesus now sense a new threat. So they tighten the screws. But the crackdown backfires in a big way...

Today we'll read pages 64-75 from Luke-Acts.  
Read until “…continued to spread and flourish.”

Enjoy the journey,

The Community Bible Experience team

P.S. By now you've probably met with your small group at least once. Remember to treat these discussions more like a book club than a traditional Bible study. Resist the urge to get hung up on debates over interpretation. Instead, give your fellow travelers space to react to the story as they experience it. 

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